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Person Of Interest 3x07 + Gotham 1x02 Reviewed

The Perfect Mark
Finch and Reese subtext is present in this episode. A hypno-therapist is a con artist. Root needles Finch. The con artist is being deliberately maliciously self promoting. Quinn has visceral animosity for Carter. Con artist gives a false impression and is a scourge. Finch isn’t so morally upright. Laskey isn’t biddable. This ep was chafing. The HR plot of mundanity drags on. The plots are connected. A Swede bores. Carter and Elias the rubbish gangster plot disdainfully. There is comedy, a baseball, bad acting, a twist and death.

Best Lines:
“Mr Reese is upstairs with an unhealthy number of firearms. Don't try to run”

“I’m so going to shoot this punk.”

“Why aren’t you intervening?”

“It’s all very strange.”

“Murderer’s row ball.”

“Who is that creepy guy?”

“Do not hypno talk me.”

“Hey dragon tattoo!”

“So we’re faking crime scenes now?”

“Put me in a well in your basement?”

“Don’t be noble.”

“Those didn’t exist when Babe Ruth was alive.”

“Why do I have to go inside?”
“Because that’s what you were just told.”

“A new office with a few less bullet holes.”

“You’re not carrying a ball.”

“You can’t stop what’s coming.”

Selina Kyle
This show has a timeless air like ‘Batman: The Animated Series’. Bruce Wayne is off putting. Alfred is morally unambiguous. Cat teen and her stupid goggles lurks. There is justifiable discontent in Gotham. Gordon is remote and silent. Penguin is picked up by some intemperate college kids and get murdery. Ed is creepy and smiles a lot. It is mentioned that Arkham Asylum has been closed for 15 years. Falcone and Fish chat inauspiciously. Gordon and his homogenised heroism lurks. Falcone demeans and has no moral imperative. The MCU chat to Mrs Cobblepot (Carol Kane).

Fish overacts. Barbara is emphatically annoying, alarmist, out of favour and pompous. The Dollmaker is mentioned. Harvey is unapologetic. The street kids go up the river. The mayor sneers. Child snatchers prance around. What was I supposed to derive from this? Harvey is obviously committed to violence. I have some adverse criticism for this ep. What are the kids being re-appropriated for? Gordon wants to detoxify the city. Alfred is a bad guardian and the dead Waynes sound like jerks. Bruce has no graciousness and has annoying mannerisms. Cat teen is 13 and where is her mother? This was mediocre with bad acting.

Best Lines:
“People are shooting bums all the time.”

“Some homeless junkie kid fell though their window last night.”

“You want it?”

“I’m going to beat it out of you!”

“He can take a punch.”

“You’re beginning to irritate me.”

“You look like you crawled out of a cemetery.”

“Well, that’s disappointing.”

“I’ll say you touched me.”

“He will die a horrible death.”


“Some painted slut.”

“I am going to kill that old man with my bare hands and my teeth.”

“No one cares to know.”

“Foster homes for the cute undamaged ones. Upstate for the rest.”

“Valuable input.”

“Don’t make friends with anyone that’s friendly.”

“Stop creeping up on people.”
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