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Book Reviews: Moonset + The Prophecy + Phantoms

Moonset by Louise Cooper
Book 3 of the ‘Star Shadow' trilogy is terrible after the good Book 2 and it is full of inconsistencies. The followers of Order plan a genocide of the followers of Chaos. Benetan switches sides and condemns Chaos with the zeal of the convert. Order are obvious fascists and this was boring and badly written.

Best Lines:
“I can’t find an answer that doesn’t horrify me.”

“Pitiless disinterest.”

“Benetan said something foul under his breath.”

“Savrinor took one look at what was manifesting in the courtyard and shut the curtain.”

“They should be left to die alone. They should be left to rot alone.”

“They all must die.”

“I don’t care any more even to hate him.”

Reign: The Prophecy by Lily Blake
This is a novel based on the TV show that tells a highly fictionalised tale of Mary Queen of Scots. Set after season 1, plague menaces the castle, Clarissa lurks, Francis pines for Lola and wants to have sex with her just a day after she gave birth to his bastard child. There are anachronisms like Francis knowing about lymph nodes, Lola making diapers and drinking juice and Bash thinking of double fudge cake. This was good with a double sided fold out poster, pagans and season 2 plot set up.

Best Line:
“I should fall off ledges more often.”

Phantoms by Dean Koontz
This novel originally published in 1983 centres on a mass disappearance from the town of Snowfield. There is also a murderer, a biker and a thing lurking. This was badly written, dull, dated stuff from a third rate Stephen King knock-off who also gifted us with ‘Twilight Eyes’, 'Winter Moon' and ‘Servants of Twilight’.

Absolute turmoil is afoot as people scream and shout. I reviled this mess that wasn’t dense, cryptic or cerebral and no attempt at objective reality was made. This was made into a Ben Affleck movie - avoid that meandering celluloid mess as well. This was airless, nuance free, shambolic and misogynistic with no intricate sentences and is a sign of cultural doom.

Best Lines:
“This motorcycle creep? This social reject? This drug pusher? He’s not a reliable witness!”

“Rabid maniacs just wouldn’t hide and wait and plan.”

“What? What about his brain?”

“Kale sort of regretted that part. Not always. Just now and then. Too bad. Necessary, but too bad.”

“It took them, and it ate them.”

“Evil gods live in the Earth.”
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