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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Fast and Furious 7’ trailer
No and this was in bad taste.

‘The Wedding Ringer’ trailer
Hee, the ‘Goonies’ joke was funny.

‘Project Almanac’ trailer

‘The Musketeers’ 2x05 promo
Athos in peril and other stuff. Yawn.

There will be no review of ‘The Musketeers’ 2x04 ‘Emilie’.

Save Dippy!

‘The Witch’ sounds like an interesting film.

The 1989 Robert Englund version of ‘Phantom of the Opera’ was crap.

Mon Cheri liqueur choc - ugh.
Meatballs - gaaaaahhh.
Coarse Ground Black Pepper - yum.
Almond Slice - nice.

Hypnotic Poison smells divine.

Whatever became of survivalists?

‘Ghostbusters’ Quotes:
“Egon, your mucus.”

“Very very strange.”

Raising Hope’ Quotes:
“Mermaid contaminated tuna fish.”


“Ghosts are real. I’ve got one living in my closet.”

“Pigurines are a ceramic lie.”

“You scrub toilets and then you die.”

“My closet ghost is getting feisty.”

“Angry vengeful phantoms.”

“That TV only gets the clothes channel.”

“The great acid wash disaster of 91.”

“The pube catcher.”

“She’s downright unbearable as a spectral being.”

“Pervy Jim.”

“Drinking rum runners by the galloon.”

The Shipkiller’ Quote:
“Begone, sir.”

‘Flight of Black Angel’ Quote:
“You’re going to die! Somehow I swear I’m going to kill you!”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Faking her own father’s death.”

“A distinction without a difference.”

“You’re not currently pretending to be a nurse.”

“Earned the right to be a bit upset.”

“I’m not sorry for you.”

“Are you dead?”

“What was your pain about?”

“He found out the truth about his wife when the cops busted down their door.”

“Kicked open my door.”

“Went crazy on me.”

“You own it. You stop doing it. You stop justifying it.”

“Banned his sister-in-law from their home.”

“Thought you were normal.”

“Why people lie when they lie.”

“They steal admiration.”

“Do not trust this woman.”

“History predicts the future.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: the school is ‘closed until further notice’. Freddie glares at Joe. Tom won’t piss off. Jack makes moral judgements and he is the man who faked his death for an insurance scam. Freddie blames Joe for the frame up. Freddie is an idiot. Tom lies about Dylan. Ziggy is a fool. Lindsey has forgotten that Freddie framed Joe for Fraser’s murder. Lindsey doesn’t care about Mercedes. Leela needs to go away. Every now and then people recall that Trevor is a badass feared gangster. Dylan is Trevor’s son? Trevor cuts off Nancy’s pills.

Peri sob stories. Lindsey backs Freddie. Trevor wants to watch a documentary on lizards. Where did Dr Paul’s elder son go? Freddie rants about Joe seeing his own son. Freddie and Lindsey figure out Grace did it. Lindsey thinks she’s tough. Dirk gives up on Will and disowns him unaware Will has come out of his coma and heard every word. Frankie and Jack show more concern for drugged out Nancy than they ever did for bullied Esther. Where are Nancy’s kids? Leela storms The Dog. Nancy sob stories.

For someone dying of cancer Tegan looks fine. The nurses act in a highly unprofessional manner around Will. Robbie resurfaces like the witless nuthead that he is. Frankie is scared of Trevor and locks Nancy in the crapper to detox. Trevor is rough hewn and bothered by the police. Tegan’s baby swap plot seems forgotten. Nobody notices Will is awake and bothering Nico. Celine is a trouble maker. Jack’s arrested and Dylan is just like his dad.

Best Lines:
“Extremely serious.”

“They don’t matter.”

“You brought so much shame on us.”

“Your stupid jealously.”

“Will son, I wish you’d never been born and I hope you never wake up.”

“We are a good family.”

“Everyone is wrong Kim!”

“Watch Komodo dragons do their stuff.”

“He ain’t going nowhere.”

“I can’t be this person.”

“He’s not bad, he’s evil.”

“Trevor is a very dangerous man.”

“Be a bit grateful.”

“An especially violent case of diarrhoea.”

“A lot in common, unhinged mothers for a start.”

“That crazy gene.”
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