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Movie Reviews: Flight of Black Angel + The Wooden Horse

Flight Of Black Angel (1991)
This Showtime movie centres on Eddie Gordon (William O’Leary) the top gun at Fighter Weapons School. Flight Instructor Matt Ryan (Peter Strauss of ‘Kane and Abel’ 'Texas Justice', 'Dirty Sexy Money', 'Trial: The Price of Passion' and 'Spacehunter') thinks Gordon is great despite the fact all the trainees think Gordon is nuts. This has a synth score, stock footage and Ryan has excessive hair oil for someone in the USAF. I like this film and I’ve seen all four ‘Iron Eagle’ movies.

Gordon has a breakdown and shoots his boring family and heads back to base. It’s Fighter Weapons School: psycho extension class. No one notices that Gordon has broken the sanity barrier and has apocalyptic derangement. Ryan and his downbeat pep talks overlooks the fact that Gordon is shifty eyed and sullen. Ryan is a ridiculously poor judge of character for a mentor.

Gordon despite not being all there, manages to steal a nuke and have his plane loaded with live fire for a training exercise and murder an unfortunate colleague. No-one notices. The training exercise begins and Gordon has little use for debate, compromise, popularity or second guessing himself. Gordon heavy breathes and kills all the trainees and calls the overacting Ryan sir whilst trying to kill him. Ryan bails out.

The crazy Gordon flies off to plot his next move. A stupid couple become stupid hostages. There is outdated technology, Ryan walks off ejecting and plans to take Gordon out. This leads to a duel and a downer ending. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“He’s engaging me! He’s engaging me!”

“How’d I score Sir?”
“Not particularly well.”

“Goddammit! Goddammit! You lunatic!”
“You’re dead.”

“What the hell is wrong with you?”

“I fight to win.”

“Who’s the enemy?”

“They don’t pay me to think.”

“He’s a nut.”

“Up there, dying is easy.”

“Jesus that’s horrible.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“Don’t jam me Eddie.”

“We’re not the enemy.”
“We’re all the enemy.”

“Lord he got another one.”

“This is why we’re here.”

“Christ he’s behind me.”

“He’s dropping his load.”

“We thought you might be the other one.”

“The bastard had me fooled.”

“A 40 foot combat jet is not that easy to hide.”

The Wooden Horse (1950)
Allied prisoners tunnel out of a German POW camp using a vaulting horse for cover. This was tiresome and dull.
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