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Devious Maids 2x02 + The 100 2x04 + Wolf Hall 1x02 Reviewed

The Dark At The Top Of The Stairs
Peri dresses like a ho. Spence wants a divorce and recriminations are about to fly. Rosie has a new job caring for a stroke ridden man, his middle aged daughter and trophy wife. Zoila’s husband and daughter hate her. Marisol cleans out Dahlia’s things to Opal’s disgust. Carmen’s tragic litany of trashy gutter behaviour goes on. Mrs Powell tries to mug a homeless woman. Valentina is harassed by the man trash pool boy. Zoila tries to get Valentina fired. A bandage dress is worn by the slut. Brett Cullen’s character is gone. This season has no organising principle.

Untenable Opal has a breakdown. Zoila is a nut. Peri threatens Spence with a custody battle and is a selfish trash monster. Spence bows down to his awful wife. Marisol is writing a book about her time as a maid and tries to befriend Opal. Mrs Powell’s bodyguard Tony is benighted. Opal has a child and Marisol uncovers an old letter that says: “Get Opal out of the house.”
Carmen is selfish. I’m disengaging from this show. Zoila’s husband is unhappy and resents his shrew wife and leaves. Spence tells Rosie to leave him alone. Carmen plots and there is a shooting.

Best Lines:
“Nah, I’m not going in there.”

“That was your name at the strip joint wasn’t it Ambrosia?”

“Sometimes we get nasty.”

“You know I can’t hear you when I’m looking at cheese.”

“I shower with my plumber one time.”

“That slut.”

“That cheap piece of Hollywood trash.”

“Don’t ever say anything nice about that woman.”

“She never said moron.”

“You are terrifying.”

“This is not your house.”

“Men don’t leave stars for maids.”

“You’re a monster.”
“And yet I seem so nice in my films.”

“Are you done performing?”

“She’s just an elderly guest.”

“It’s her life to throw.”

“Back off bitch.”

“You make us so unhappy.”

“If he orders water, put vodka in it.”

“Stop judging me.”

“I need some space.”

Many Happy Returns
Where is Jaha? Finn is crazy and wants to abandon an Ark survivor. There is death. Raven is a rude egregious moron. Anya bites a tracker out of her arm. The Ark survivor is a useless whining woman. Grounders attack. This episode is incompetent. The characters stagger around the hostile environment. Clarke is a bitch, she and Anya fight. How does everyone know about the Ark’s existence? Jaha is betrayed by stupid Dead Zone people and there is death.

Best Lines:
“We’re in Grounder territory.”

“You even smell like them.”

“You reek.”

“This is the Dead Zone on the way to The City Of Light.”

“When such a child is born, we leave it out.”

“Of course you can’t.”

“We fell down from space in a football stadium, I think they already know we’re here.”

“I expected better.”

“There is a bounty on Sky People.”

Entirely Beloved
It is still 1529. Wolsey is in disgrace. Cute little Marlinspike shows up. Anne Boleyn sits on a throne. Henry is mercurial. More lurks. Cromwell stares. Mary Boleyn is tearful and Jane Seymour lurks. Cranmer lurks. Wolsey dies. Why is so little attention paid to Henry VII? This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Who would reign then?”

“Filthy weather, people, morals.”

“Give it.”

“The Pope will learn his place.”

“A woman can’t lead an army.”
“Her grandmother did.”

“What will we do?”
“Bribe people.”

“Only felons have dogs you can’t see at night.”

“His mouth is the anus of the world.”

“Never mind who grudges it. This will happen. I mean to have him.”

“I really can’t enlighten you.”

“Revenge. She waited her time.”

“Send vengeance upon them all.”
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