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Book Review: The Murdstone Trilogy

The Murdstone Trilogy by Mal Peet
Award winning author Philip Murdstone’s star has waned. His agent convinced him to write a High Fantasy trilogy to make it big again. Murdstone is incapable of accomplishing the task but a stranger named Pocket Wellfair comes to his aid. This was a good metafiction tale of self-definition, writing, heroics, unplacebale realms and the nature of reality.

Best Lines:
“Losing himself in BBC Word Service programmes about leech farming in Cambodia.”

“The dogs bark but the caravan goes by,”

“Something a bit Welsh - sounding is usually ok. Something you can’t pronounce if you’ve got a normal set of teeth, you know?”

“She only likes books about the SAS.”

“The map on the frontispiece looked suspiciously like the Isle of Wight.”

“He does look like a boiled scrotum.”
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