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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘The Atticus Institute’ (2015) trailer
A ‘1976’ documentation about a psychic research facility where something went wrong. Namely possession and exorcism. Looks good.

Best Lines:
“To weaponize her.”

“Play games with the devil.”

‘Gotham’ 1x02 promo
Nice: “Well enough.”

‘Inherent Vice’ TV spot

Best Line:
“A little peculiar.”

‘If Tomorrow Comes’ (1986) opening credits
This miniseries has a great theme, very 007.

‘Fantastic 4’ (2015) trailer
Doesn’t look good. Why did they reboot this?

Best Lines:
“There is risk, there is sacrifice and there are consequences.”

“Be ready for what’s coming.”
“What is coming?”

‘Agents of SHIELD’ promo
Are we supposed to care about Skye?

The BBC has axed ‘Atlantis’.

No Sylar in ‘Heroes Reborn’, yay.

There is to be a 3rd series of ‘The Musketeers’?

I’m done with ‘Revenge’ - David is a moron.

The ‘Ghostbusters’ reboot sounds crap.

I won’t review ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ Issue 10x11.

I won’t bother with ‘Doctor Spektor’.

I will review ‘The Prophecy’.

Apple sherbets - good.
Snickers bars - yum.

The ‘Master of the Game’ miniseries was originally released on a 3 tape set, the cover of part 3 ‘Eve & Alexandra’ was fright inducing.

‘The Cardinal’s Blades’ Quotes:
“No one likes Rochefort. He does the Cardinal’s dirty work. A spy and no doubt also an assassin.”
“And what are we then?”

‘Raising Hope’ Quotes:
“A once peed on, no return policy.”

“Not not loving.”

“A sugar burger.”

“You crash pretty hard.”

“My pancreas seized up.”

“She’ll surely die.”

“Don’t act like I’m such a burden.”

“Do my business starfish style.”

“Dead end job, no wife, bleak future.”

“We could be fake inspirations to people like Lance Armstrong.”

“I’ve never seen a scale with a seat before.”

“No wonder vegans are such jerks.”

“These cakes smell like urinal cakes.”
“Cakes are cakes.”

“Junk food withdrawal.”

“Shattered one and used the shards to kill and eat a raccoon.”

“Half a mile of only partially shaded road.”

“A mop told us how to get out of this room.”

“I have stress induced night terrors.”

“My baby egg window.”

“Husbands are expendable.”

“My garage is bleached.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Give me your logic.”

“He will kill me.”

“Overly watched.”

“Kicked our gate in.”

“The haters protested.”

“Like a bunch of sheep.”

“People should bash in the windows.”

“Knocked a door down.”

“Ding dong the bitch is dead.”

“Shows what a liar she is.”

“Far from victims, are in fact disgusting unethical nut jobs.”

“That’s not normal.”

“Locked her in the bedroom for trying to visit Grandma.”

“Threw a bucket of ice and a bucket of water.”

“Things keep get getting worse.”

“I’ve lost all of my friends.”

“Please be quiet.”

“Use a stun gun on you.”

“You bleeping bitches.”

“My concern about that.”

“You’re playing a dangerous game.”

“Way too heated.”

“How’d that work?”
“It didn’t.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Will is apparently going to try and kill again. Also Finn will return. Why is Freddie at the forefront of every plot? Who is Dylan? The McQueens hang their underwear on a washing line in the front garden. Peri hates Ziggy. Lindsey is a moron and makes endless disobliging remarks. Is Cameron coming back? Where are Trevor’s fish? Grace rubs Esther’s feet. Nancy is the acting head of the school. Lindsey harasses Chelsea the stripper. Trevor is affectionate. Nancy is high at work. Cleo annoys. Lindsey is a moron. Tom and Dylan fight. Nancy passes out at work. Freddie gloats. Lindsey justifies herself. Grace plots. Freddie looks teary eyed and high. Peri causes a mass poisoning at school. The McQueens plot revenge and dump pink paint over Lindsey after she and Freddie rubbed the McQueens faces in their awfulness. Joe’s back.

Best Lines:
“He beat up that poor stripper.”

“It’s game over for you.”

“Have you seen the way he drives?”

“Bury everybody that stands in your way.”

“I will break your knees.”
“That’s my girl.”

“You don’t hit people. But if you do, your techniques all wrong.”

“A drugged up loser!”

“They’ve got the social skills of apes.”

“Leaving obvs.”

“That slutty doctor.”

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