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Ascension (2014) Night Two Reviewd

Harris has anger, swagger and bile spitting venom. The Ascension flag is odd. The Terra Chamber practices for Proxima despite the fact they won’t get there for 49 years. Harris rants. A silver haired government investigator (Lauren Lee Smith of ‘Mutant X’) shows up and uncovers occurrences that presaged evil. Stokes is off Ascension and has had a complete psychotic meltdown after learning they never left Earth and is reduced to a drooling howling mess.

Harris rants but he is lying about why they are faking Ascension. On the ‘ship’ there is more sabotage, fertility is regulated, there is no reticence about fist fights and Viondra seems to posses a wonder bra. Gault uncovers the fact the Inferno that killed 20 people was deliberate. Various inventions came from Ascension. Certain people are outcasts on the ship. There is male gaze and Globus is explained.

The Captain wants things quiet, Nora’s love interest signs up for Officer’s Training school and Deck 23 is a danger. What is the TC group? Gault learns Stokes’ secret. The Investigator learns where the original Ascension crew came from. The theft of Dr Bryce’s beloved seahorse pendant is explained in creepy fashion. Presley becomes a Stewardess and takes their creepy vow. The Captain is a perv and the creepy resting place of the dead Ascension crewmembers and various ejected detritus is revealed.

This was good and the creep factor is huge. Ophelia is sick. Christa shrieks. Conspiracy websites are trawled and some of the original crewmembers were named for famous sci-fi writers. Ascension has automat food dispensers and a man on the inside. Viondra and rebel Stewardess Jackie feud. Where do the disposable blue latex gloves in the medical bay come from? Christa is psychic. Presley and Nora share lipstick. Nobody sees anything wrong about Presley’s Stewardess debut where she dresses like Monroe and gives various men lapdances. The man on the inside is revealed. There is a frame up and a death. Where do the bags of grain in the stockyard come from? I am looking forward to see how this limited series wraps up.

Best Lines:
“Kings can be deposed.”

“To determine one’s breaking point.”

“You weren’t asked. But you told.”

“Legacy seed banks.”

“The birth-list selection.”

“Something bad is coming.”

“He’s an Unclaimed.”

“That’s why he couldn’t claim me!”

“John Wayne. He was a man of character.”

“Leave the necklace on.”

“Remove any excess clothing.”

“The 63/70.”

“They didn’t volunteer.”

“It’s poison! Poison!”

“Stick with the lizard people. It’s more believable.”

“The information my girls gather keeps you in the Captain’s chair.”

“What I cannot abide is disloyalty.”

“A woman in pink holding her husband’s head together.”

“One day I’ll lead us out I promise.”


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