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Trailers, Quotes and 2000&2002 Tape Tales

‘Arrow/Flash’ super starts here promo
Black Canary debuts.

Best Line:
“I’m the justice you can’t run from.”

‘Cucumber’ promo

Best Lines:
“He killed that man and they sacked him.”

“You chuck everything away for a chance that it’ll never happen.”

‘Catastrophe’ promo

‘Pretty Little Liars’ promo
On Netflix. No.

‘Scorpion’ promo
Robert Patrick is in this?

‘The Purge: Anarchy’ trailer
A couple’s car breaks down on Purge night. Decadence and no.

‘Dracula Untold’ trailer
Luke Evans gurns. Trailer gives too much away. No.

‘The Scorpion King’ TV spot
I liked this film.

‘Wolf Hall’ 1x02 promo
“I mean to have him.”

‘The Scorpion King’ trailer
A tyrant is challenged by a warrior. There are flaming swords, posing and a camel. Yay!

‘Blade II’ trailer
The powers of darkness fear nothing but one man. Blade joins forces with the vampire nation to fight a new breed of terror. No.

7Up - not so hot.

The next two Saint-Germain books sound good.

I will give ‘Scorpion’ and ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ a try.

The bobbies helmet has been ditched.

Jason Donovan is appearing in the play ‘The King’s Speech’ as Lionel Logue. Mmm.

Dean Norris was in a rather gross ‘The X Files’ episode.

‘Star Trek Enterprise’ Quotes:
“An aggressive territorial species.”

“Romulan. It’s pronounced Romulan.”

‘Xena: Warrior Princess’ Quotes:
“You’re that Ulysses.”

“What are you doing?”
“Tying you up.”
“Alright. I’m game.”

‘Star Trek Deep Space Nine’ Quote:
“The sword of stars.”

Dreams Of The Golden Age’ Quotes:
“She’s okay, not doing drugs or working at a strip club or anything.”

“The biographies kind of gloss over that part.”

“She’d failed as a mother, her children hated her and were destined to become terrorists or trophy wives.”

“Celia had dropped out of Elmwood when she was seventeen.”

“They could both sit here looking sullen and conspiratorial. Nothing suspicious about that at all.”

“He’s rotten as month-old fish.”

‘Raising Hope’ Quotes:
“Give each other home made coupons.”

“Screaming gummy bears.”

“The double excuse.”

“He over explained.”

“Coupons for sex? What am I? A whore?”

“Let’s do some dangerous crap.”

“Dad’s ball lump.”

“Ride all the way to ballbuster canyon.”

“I’ll hope you’ll share that review on duderanchfinderdotcom.”

“You stabbed my truck!”

“I’ve always wanted two souls.”

“It’s kind of giving me the creeps.”

“My dad hasn’t turned down a dare in 25 years.”


“Mary Poppins was a liar!”

“Way later in life when you’re super ashamed.”

“Skunks are in the house again.”
“They want it more than we do.”

“Buzzkills and narcs.”

“Quit hassling me Nixon!”

“You didn’t get that from a toilet seat!”

“Trying to keep my vomit down.”

“If it smells like pee, well I’m old.”

“Somewhere we could walk to slowly.”

Person of Interest’ Quote:
“Violent and uncommunicative.”

‘Josie: The Most Hated Woman In Britain?’ Quotes:
“I am the NHS boob job slut.”

“That’s what my tattoo on my stomach says.”

“Sum up everything that’s wrong with modern Britain.”

“I am going nowhere. Nowhere!”

“New hooters service.”

“Stir up more outrage.”

“Giving the working class a bad name.”

“I’m not a tart.”

“Number One on-line hater.”

“Being loathed online is good for business.”

“The financial rewards of being a hate figure are obvious.”

“Wart goblin.”

“Conjure up public anger out of thin air.”

“All very calculated.”

“Me manky teeth.”

“Tweets shocking comments for a living.”

“Your face looks like a punched lasagne.”

“One of them jumped over a fence to attack me and fell face first in dog s##t.”

“I said she had a chest like an empty scrotum as well, she didn’t like that.”

“After another public backlash.”

“Not very classy.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“She left me for another man. She was smoking crack.”

“The drama and the chaos.”

“Using it as a dodge.”

“How am I dangerous?”

“I think it’s absurd.”

“Get your bitch on.”

“Labels are all about insurance reimbursement.”

‘Queen Camilla’ Quotes:
“Courtney, a seven-year-old harpy in mini-slapper gear with a precocious foul mouth, whose imaginative play included drive-by shootings and domestic violence involving the intervention of social workers.”

“Bluebell Lane, known locally as Slapper Alley because of the preponderance of teenage mothers living there.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Ste smirks self-righteously. Freddie tearfully claims he is being framed. Lindsey is a twit and helps him cover up his deeds. She seems to have forgotten how Freddie framed Joe for murder. Freddie is a hate filed child. John-Paul is weepy. Lindsey is the c word as she threatens Kim to cover up Freddie’s behaviour. The Lomax twats annoy. Grace’s huge hair makes her look like a drag queen. Ste beats up Connor. Freddie creeps around and is incensed over being accused of being a murdering threatening thug. Ste is violent. Leela won’t shut up. I wonder how long Ste and John-Paul will last. Remember how Ste attacked Doug and cheated on him?? Grace may have stabbed Mercedes. I thought she was stabbed with a screwdriver not a knife.

Best Lines:
“A stripper with a grudge who won’t testify.”

“This guy’s a psycho.”

“You go and do that!”

Cleared out two tapes. The first tape was from 2000 and began with a ‘Hercules The Legendary Journeys’ ep ‘BeDeviled’ in which Sin prances around, people mumble and Herc is dumb. The tracking was off and this was silly.

Best Line:
“Dead to your world. Reborn in mine.”

Then came a ‘Star Trek Voyager’ ep ‘Equinox part 2’ in which there is yelling, Janeway acts like a crazy woman and Titus Welliver guest stars. There is mumbling, TPTB reject moral ambiguity, Seven gets too much screen time and the Equinox crew were more interesting.

Then came a ‘Charmed’ ep ‘Pardon My Past’ in which Dan bores and has 90s hair, Phoebe travels back to her past life in 1924 where she was an evil witch dry humping a warlock and plotting to murder her cousins. This had wigs, flapper dresses, headbands, Anton the warlock oiling his way around, an amulet, underwear shots and a witch fight. The tracking was off, Leo was somehow in 1924 and Anton gets kicked in this face. This was okay in places.

Best Lines:
“Would you like me to curse anyone for you?”
“Maybe later.”

“You’re not afraid of me are you?”
“Should I be?”

“Evil witch in my sight.”

“Why is she running from us?”

“Must have cut off too much blood to her brain.”

“It’s your turn to die this time.”

Then came a ‘G vs E’ ep ‘Orange Volvo’ in which Chandler is murdered and press ganged in the Corps. There is dumb comedy, bad make up, a twist and Chandler’s annoying thug punk son. This was terrible.

Best Lines:
“Left a pretty grisly corpse.”

“Standard issue Morlock killing knife.”

Then finally there was a season 4 ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ ep ‘This Year’s Girl’ in which there are hints of Dawn, Faith wakes up from her coma and ugly costumes are worn. Xander is ignored, Riley is shirtless and Buffy is obsessed with him. Faith walks off an 8 month coma. Buffy has hidden sneaky answers. Willow is a dumb bint. Tara looks high. Spike has not been staked. The Council lurks. The Mayor makes a cameo. Faith gets a gift, slayers fight and there is a body switch. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Stand down before I put you down.”

“You’re not me.”

“She moved on to the first college beefstick she meets.”

“Cleavagy slut bomb.”

“What’ll we do if we find her?”
“Run. Flee.”

“You’re not his type. He’s not big on sleaze.”

The 2002 tape began with an ‘Angel’ ep ‘Provider’ in which Angel coos over baby Connor. Also Jeffrey Dean Morgan guest stars, the tracking is way off, men drool over Fred and silly costumes are worn. This bored.

Then came a ‘Charmed’ ep ‘Charmed and Dangerous’ in which The Source (Peter Woodward) plots. Piper talks weirdly. Cole is coated in fake tan. Paige wears a huge cameo pendant. The Source opens the Hollow. Cole risks his life to save the sisters and is left possessed by The Source. No.

Best Line:
“It’s very very morbid.”

Then came a ‘Star Trek Enterprise’ ep ‘Shadows of P’Jem’ in which Jeffrey Combs, Gary Graham and Jeff Kober guest star. Tucker is insulted, people are taken hostage, the Vulcans have issues, people yell and have no dignity. Shran shows up. Yawn.

Finally there was a season 6 ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ ep ‘As You Were’ in which Riley returns to Sunnydale so TPTB can make Buffy regret dumping him. Rubber monsters attack. Riley’s mail order bride from hell Sam lurks. Riley stares at Buffy disapprovingly and TPTB hammer home how naughty viewers were to reject Riley. Piss off TPTB.


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