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Book Reviews: Tiger Shrimp Tango + Slay Bells

Tiger Shrimp Tango by Tim Dorsey
The latest tale of Serge Storms the reluctant serial killer and his sidekicks Mahoney and Coleman. Serge has decided to do something about the seemingly irreversible trend of scam artists. A woman consumed by angry near despair plots revenge and a hitman with no tangible personality targets Serge. This was okay but Serge may be running out of steam.

Best Lines:
“Here’s the deal. I don’t like you and have uncontrollable urges to do something ghastly with my weapons...”

“I don’t see hookers anymore.”
“Because we crossed the skank equator back into family land,”

“Bono sure likes to lunge at the camera a lot.”

Slay Bells by Jo Gibson
Tis the season...to die!
The just opened Crossroads Mall is hit by a snowstorm trapping various workers inside with a crazy killer in this 1994 novel. Cue moral outrage over a popstar who can’t sing or play piano, chaste kissing, nonchalant reactions to death and a demented nutter with a grandparent obsession. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“I think that’s irresponsible journalism!”

“A nice quiet guy who went to church every Sunday, and wrote letters to the school paper, complaining about the loose morals of his classmates.”

“If I’d gone with you, nobody would have paid attention to me.”
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