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Person Of Interest 3x06 + Stalker 1x11 Reviewed

Mors Praematura
Shaw has been carried off by Root. Finch protects an estate investigator (Kirk Acevedo of ‘Fringe’). Root whispers and recruits Shaw for a mission. Carter plots. There is Finch/Reese subtext. A storage unit is a message centre. Laskey thinks he’s tough until he finally sees what HR is. Shaw and Root end up at a mobile CIA blacksite. The cases turn out to be connected. Also the gang discover it is all tied in to events from an earlier case. Vigilance is out there. Laskey spews his secrets. Why is HR stockpiling money? Laskey looks like Ste from ‘Hollyoaks’. Finch acts a bit sociopathic. There is a fake sunset and this was good.

Best Lines:
“Violence imminent.”

“Things are evolving.”

“Going to a dead man’s apartment in the middle of the night.”

“Some convincing and a sleeper hold.”

“They burnt the house down cooking meth.”

“Spaghetti and an oxygen tank make a mean thermal lance.”

“Highly trained operative in a bad suit. This is a CIA pickup site.”

“The null worm.”

“Those CIA liars faked my death.”

“You’re necessary.”

“You seem to know my name. One of em.”

Tell All
There is mumbling, Jack’s son is as creepy as him and Jack’s motives are now all vagueness. Beth has a stalker and has some excuse for doing nothing for this long. Janice investigates Perry at Beth’s behest. Perry smugs. An athlete’s ex-wife is stalked. Beth and Jack deride the ex-husband. Amanda shows up to eye roll and sigh. This ep is lethargic and characters seem more interested in looking at their reflection. There is a mass kidnapping, a twist, Perry attacks and Jack gets his way. This was dull.

Best Lines:
“It was all over TMZ.”

“How do you look?”
“The cliché.”

“I’m getting looks.”

“I’m a respected member of a highly litigious community. I don’t need to stalk anyone, I sue them.”
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