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Movie Review: The Pact

The Pact (2012)
Mad eyed Annie (Caity Lotz of ‘Arrow’) returns to her dead mother’s home after her sister Nicole vanishes. Nicole’s child mumbles stiltedly. Annie has gross callousness about Nicole being missing and she is wildly irritating. The family home looks like the vilest place in San Pedro. This movie was toilsome, miserable and grinding. Also the title makes no sense. Grizzled cop Bill (Casper Van Dien of ‘Starship Troopers’) is a thuggish incompetent bozo. Van Dien looks very different from his reality show days, who else recalls ‘I Married A Princess’?

Annie’s cousin Liz vanishes too and Annie’s story is met with incredulity. Annie walks around a motel in short shorts like most people with no class. This film is full of stupidly annoying people and is monomanically boring. Annie uncovers a secret room, does a lot of staring and has steadfast imperviousness to any nuance or subtlety. This was not unnerving. Annie looks up a neurotically mannered socially clumsy psychic and her irritating acerbic yelling man friend. This was terrible with a gamy twist and a WTF ending. There’s a ‘The Pact 2’, I won’t bother.

Best Lines:
“This is what we do in my family.”

“My dad did it. Whoever the hell he is.”

“It’s a sad story.”

“Claiming what you claim.”
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