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Primeval Season 3 Ep 3 Review

The big 'surprise death' in this episode was given away by the fact that the character in question did not appear in the season 3 cast photos. The team face an attack from Helen and her clone army. The ARC still has terrible security and the fact nobody notices the rather conspicuous army of identical men running around is a bit much. It isn't explained how Helen created a clone army, though a gross line suggests she is over familiar with the clone of Cutter (and most likely a Stephen clone as well). Meanwhile a reporter is after the ARC and Abby delivers a baby and handles a dinosaur and doesn't wash her hands in-between. How the mother and baby didn't die of some gross infection isn't explained. But the big plot of the ep is Helen shooting and killing Cutter. She claims it is to save the future, but seeing as she is batso that's probably a lie. This was a total mediocre letdown of an ep.

Best Line: "You are so fired."
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