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Ascension (2014) Part 1

Night One
This 3 part Syfy miniseries is not ‘Battlestar Galactica’ standard. The Ascension is an Orion Class generation starship launched in the 60s to colonize a new world. The Ascension is 51 years into its 100 year journey and tension is high. A woman has been murdered, the upper decks live in shiny comfort and the lower decks live in used future squalor. It’s as though the 60s never ended but somehow race tensions have turned into class tensions and the women‘s movement isn‘t even addressed - also fashions haven‘t changed in 51 years. The Captain (Brian Van Holt) is worried, his wife (Tricia Helfer) is a pimp, XO Gault investigates the murder, safety officer Vanderhaus stands around making idle threats, the doctor (Andrea Roth) worries and greasy scumbag lower deck butcher Stokes rants about the unfairness of it all and back on Earth a man named Harris (Gil Bellows) covers up the existence of Ascension.

This was okay and the pullback reveal shot of the Ascension is very good but this lacks something. On Ascension there is classicism, a little girl named Christa yells incoherently, the doctor’s daughter Nora works in the terraforming lab dreaming about the planet she won’t see for 49 years, people sit around a fake beach bemoaning their lot and somehow a gun got on board. There is talk of a terrible fire that occurred years ago, a secret is hidden on a video card, there is a council that wants rid of the captain and the captain’s wife screws around and plots, a lot of women walk around in their underwear and Vanderhaus is a burk.

There are unnecessary strobe lights and while people sleep in radiation pods, Christa sees something she shouldn’t. There is livestock on the Ascension and a strict population limit of 600 which may be why there are no old people. Also couples are paired for genetic reasons. Someone is committing sabotage on the ship. Stokes gets in a fight. There is a footprint and a shock twist. Where the miniseries goes from here is crucial - I’m not sure about the twist, I’m really not.

Best Lines:

“Lower deck trash.”

“This was chosen for us before we were born.”

“We only have the ship.”

“Everything else is death.”

“There’s no life there.”

“Two suns orbiting each other.”

“She liked movies like ‘Beach Party’ or ‘Gidget’.”

“Sent us out here to die.”

“Your sources are paranoid.”

“A hero of the inferno.”

“The Council is terrified of insurrection.”

“The Captain who launched and the Captain who lands.”

“We’ll have a sun someday, three of them.”

“You’re not that important.”

“Who was afraid of her?”

“Exile you.”
“To where?”
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