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Book Review: Other Earths

Other Earths edited by Nick Gevers & Jay Lake

This anthology contains tales about the different paths our world might have taken if certain events had never occurred. 'Other Earths' is very similar in tone to the earlier anthology 'ReVisions' but is not as good as that earlier tome. The first half of this collection is far superior to the leaden, navel gazing second half.

This book is fairly good though not great, I fear I only liked it as much as I did as it took me awawy from viewing the deathly dull first ep of 'Cane'.

This Peaceable Land
The US Civil War never happened and Lincoln was never president and so history unfurled in a far darker way. This dark, creepy tale is very good.

The Unblinking Eye
It's 1966 and Europe is still stuck in Medieval times and so the Inca's developed a massive, technologically advanced empire. This is an okay story, though the illogical AU seems to only exist to service the plot.

Csilla's Story
Those who have faery blood are persecuted in this tale which is good.

Magic is real in this quasi-Tudor England and the Queen has to stop a ghostly attack on the seat of her rule. This was good.

Donovan Sent Us
It's that old trope: what if the Nazis won WW2? Well in this AU, a secret agent has to rescue Churchill from a Nazi prison. What happens next is somewhat unexpected. This was okay.
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