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Stuff of the Day

‘The Eichmann Show’ promo
Even Martin Freeman can’t get me to watch this.

‘The Sweeney’ (2012) was a terrible movie apart from the shootout in Trafalgar Square.

Anyone else recall Iced Gems?

Recalled some more ‘Bunty’ stories like ‘Simple Simone’ in which a teenage French résistance member pretends to be mentally challenged to get close to the Nazis. No comment. ‘Witch!’ where a girl is bullied by an entire village who think she is a witch. They get away with it. ‘Lady in the Looking Glass’ a ballet story. ‘The Dreams of Dolwyn’ in which a psychic girl is exploited by her vile trash family. ‘Mrs Danby’s Dolls’ in which creepy dolls may be alive. ‘Run Mum - Run!’ a girl decides to get her fat lazy mother interested in sport so her father won’t leave. ‘Superlamb’ a girl has bionic lamb. ‘Electra of the Evil Eye’ in which said girl causes problems with her evil powers. ‘Ernie’s Girl’ a silly WPC is chosen to fight crime. ‘Trapped In Time!’ two girls are sent back in time. ‘The Two Faces of Fiona’ in which a girl doubles for her look-alike pop star cousin who is the b word. ‘A Twin For Toni’ in which a girl is driven out of her foster home by her horrible twin sister. ‘Base-Line Barbie’ in which an injured girl is determined to play tennis. ‘Just Call Me Kate!’ a princess arrives at a boarding school and wants to be normal.

Then there were the ‘Mandy’ stories ‘The Girl Who Can’t Cry!’ about a girl who knows one of her boarding school classmates is an invading alien who can’t cry so she makes everyone cry until she uncovers the alien. ‘The Lying Eyes of Linda Lee’ about a girl who fakes being blind so she’ll be adopted. ‘Bad Luck Barbara’ in which a girl is accused of being a witch and bullied. ‘Revenge!’ a girl blames her sister for an injury and wants her gone. ‘Eye Spy Trouble’ another girl fakes blindness to make trouble. ‘Everyone’s Perfect Mum’ a soap star is a national treasure but is cruel to her stepdaughter.

Almonds, hazelnuts & crunchy feuillentine wrapped in smooth milk chocolate - nice.
Zesty Valencia orange set in milk chocolate & encased in crisp dark chocolate - delicious - delicious.

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“My friend is coming over and I don’t want you embarrassing me by being the total and utter knob that you always are.”

“I recognised you from her description - especially the big, dumb face.”

“If it’s Nespresso - which it better be - make it a long Ristretto. And use two capsules.”

“We’re trolling celebrities on Twitter.”

“Niall Horan that he’s a bogger who got lucky.”

‘The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole aged 13 ¾’ Quote:
“He says she has found some indecent magazines under the lino in the bathroom. An heirloom from that creep Lucas!”

‘Adrian Mole: The Cappuccino Years’ Quotes:
“One doesn’t have to tell a door twenty times a day that one loves it.”

“I was enraged to find out that the turkey hadn’t defrosted properly! Why not? It had been in the bath at least sixteen hours.”
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