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The Blood Queen #6 + Lady Killer #1 Reviewed

The Blood Queen #6
Is this the final issue of the non-culture rich epic? Elizabeth kills people and spots a pimped out red outfit that is more suitable for a Vegas floorshow than medieval times. Elizabeth’s boytoy is dumb and oblivious. A magic mirror is created and Elizabeth plots more after her turn to the dark side. This was good. I certainly won’t read the porno looking ’Dawn/Vampirella’ though I would like to read ’Doctor Spektor’.

Best Line:
“I may just take the rest of it.”

Lady Killer #1
Advertised as ’Mad Men’ meets ’Hannibal’ this was very good. Josie a housewife moonlights as an assassin. She has two adorable children, a slobbery dog, a nice husband and a suspicious mother in law. The Betty Drapper like Josie while good at her job doesn’t seem to enjoy it. Her boss and his leonine stare is obstructionist. This was quirky and dark. The Kitty Cat Club where Josie heads for her next mission is obviously meant to be the Playboy Club.

Best Lines:
“Got any leaks that need plugging?”

“It’s that pervert bar down town where the waitresses prance around in bathing suits.”
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