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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

The Pact’ (2012) trailer
Caity Lotz of ‘Arrow’ stars in this horror that has a psychic, a homemade Ouija board and it looks creepy.

Best Lines:
“Who’s that behind you?”

“You’ve no memory of this room?”

‘Gotham’ promo
His rivals are hungry.”

‘Monsters and Mysteries’ promo

‘The 100’ 2x03
Why is everyone fighting?

‘The Musketeers’ 2x04 promo
Rochefort is a cold as ice psycho in his snake skin like leather.

Best Lines:
“Who ordered my death?”

“The past is dead.”
“The past is never dead.”

“The agonies of the damned.”

“Let God’s work be done.”

‘Suits’ opening credits

I will review ‘The Pact’ and ‘As Above So Below’.

There will be no review of ‘The Musketeers’ 2x03 ‘The Good Traitor’.

I won’t bother with the ‘Sleepy Hollow’ book or ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ issue 10x10 or ‘Angel & Faith’ issue 10x10. I am done with the ‘Ghost’ comic.

I read behind the scenes ‘Stalker’ stuff that has to be a publicity stunt.

There will be a ‘Jem and the Holograms’ comic?!

The covers for upcoming ‘Star Trek’ books are horrible.

Potato salad with sugar snap peas, edamame soy beans & a wasbai mayonnaise - okay
Brazilian honey flavoured with a hint of apricot set in a milk chocolate shell - delicious.
Crisp dark chocolate shell enclosing an intense liquid caramel filling with deep burnt sugar notes - excellent.

BBC3 axed ‘In The Flesh’. Yes! Their new show ‘Tatau’ sounds interesting.

No Tom Hardy in ‘Suicide Squad’.

Beagle2 has been found. Yawn.

Semper Eadem - Always The Same

I am on a break from ‘Neighbours’.

‘Marry Me’ is a terrible show.

‘Suits’ Quotes:
The Prom King and his boy wonder.”

“That’s our bar, OJ?”

“Most important emotional question.”

‘The Musketeers’ Quotes:
“Nothing can save you.”

“Common people are full of diseases!”

“Walk with me Rochefort; we have affairs of state to discuss.”

“Your musketeers have let me down again. It keeps happening doesn’t it?”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“My mother has been trying to put me in a detention home.”

“Your ass is mine now. End of message.”

“Trying to drown his wife.”

“He was banned from prom.”

“You’re trying to get the police to parent your child.”

“A psycho bitch.”

“A slut skank.”

“My exs are liars.”

“She met a carnie.”

Daily Express’ Quote:
“This wonderful green garden of England wrecked by satanic mills and women with big hammers. That cultural lie is very hard to undo.”

‘Raising Hope’ Quotes:
“It’s a climate change Christmas miracle.”

“Sad surly man.”

“Who de-yuled his log?”

“My turkey ass sweatshirt.”

“Drunk mayor down.”

“Everyone needs batteries. My two moms go through them like crazy.”

“And I deem it so.”

“So let it be written. So let it be done.”

“Yes minion?”

“What the what?”

“Please be a Baldwin. Please be a Baldwin.”

“Aliens will use brightly coloured lights as their landing beacons.”

“You might get candy-caned. Or shot.”

“He wears a red furry suit and says ho ho ho.”
“You’re going as a pimp?”

“One close to the crypt.”

“Thank you extra springy diving board.”

“I never saw any face eating monkeys.”
“You’re welcome.”

“Some spring break swamp town full of nothing but college kids having casual sex.”

“It’s written in blood. It’s written in blood.”

“We sold our blood every Wednesday for two years straight.”

“He said he’d rather go back to clearing mines in Afghanistan.”

“I customised it so there’s no safety to slow me down.”

“Hug it out bitches.”

“You might not want to touch your wallet, keys or tampons.”

“Bitch bubble.”

“Naked and doing me like I owe him money.”

“I need you to go outside and break up with that teenage boy for the sake of our marriage.”
“Is he a crier?”
“A little bit.”

‘Warrior’ Quotes:
“I remember him too. I remember him being very unmemorable.”

“You don’t knock him out you don’t have a home.”

“Ride it out.”

“We have got ourselves a fight.”

‘Birds of a Feather’ Quotes:
“Nice things validate me.”

“Sharon get the bin bags.”

“Got a face like Wayne Rooney chewing a thistle.”

‘Marry Me’ Quotes:
“Your friends are garbage people.”

“Enjoy your hate-nachos.”

“A hot girl’s cocaine.”

“You’re pregnant and I have HPV.”

“Thanks for mopping up all your sweat.”

‘16 & Pregnant’ Quote:
“They had to cut my crotch open so they could get him out.”

‘Sustenance’ Quote:
“I sound like one of those dreadful women in Tennessee Williams, don’t I?”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Patrick has been arrested and let go. Hobgoblin faced Nancy is a pill-head. Will escapes at his appeal by bashing a copper with a toilet seat. Where is Mitzeee? Maxine has a whinge fest as she is menaced. There is no more V05 sponsorship. Will yells that he was doing life for double murder. When was he tried? Dodger is utterly thick and manwhores over Theresa. Why isn’t Theresa in jail for murdering Calvin? Will lurks. Dodger gets his kit off. Will talks Sienna into helping him. Will is eminently punchable. Will has a nonchalant off-screen reaction to Nico’s paternity. John-Paul is so boring now. Will and Dodger met in a field. What field?!? Sinead wants Ste. Patrick visited Will in jail? Will is a nutter. Dodger yells. Will sets up a ‘The Dark Knight’ style trap. Yet somehow Sienna, Theresa and Maxine can’t overpower Will. Also when did he find the time to arrange the death-trap? Will has lied and there is a ‘twist’.

Best Lines:
“I love Minnie more.”

“Desperate to talk to someone sane.”

“Murdering scum of a brother.”

“Savage has done a runner.”

“One verified incident.”

“Do your worst brother dearest.”

“My bonkers sister and now my psycho brother.”

“I need him to love me.”

“My clothes stink of bacon.”

“She’s quite safe for now.”

“Big fat baby lump.”

“Those two children you appear to have fathered.”

“Not like I killed Dad. Should have killed Dad.”
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