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Book Reviews: The Missing + Once Burned

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: The Missing by Una McCormack
On DS9, Captain Ro Laren is asked to look into long lost Cardassain POWs. Dr Beverly Crusher (who has usurped Bashir’s job) is drawn into the affairs of the People Of The Open Sky. Meanwhile on the science vessel Athene Donald, the ever irritating Dr Pulaski makes first contact with an indefinable species. This was a good tale about first contact, family and oft marginalised characters getting to do more than nurse and purse.

Best Lines:
“These are your orders.”
“And we will obey.”

“I have to wonder what it is about you that’s making them so hostile.”

“They came.”

“I’ve heard the stories. Everyone has heard the stories.”

“Speeches come naturally, like breathing - and murder.”

“Whatever it is that you’re sulking about now.”

Star Trek New Frontier The Captain’s Table 5: Once Burned by Peter David
This 1998 novel sees the brawny MacKenzie Calhoun get all effulgent and emotional as he relates his time as XO on the USS Grissom. A calamitous peacekeeping mission results in the captain going mad. But nobody wants to acknowledge it. This is a macho tale of fighting, death and Marty Sue Calhoun wailing about his manpain. This was terrible like David’s other works ‘The Rift’, ‘The Captain’s Daughter’, ‘Imzadi’, ‘Imzadi II: Triangle’, ‘Q-Squared’, ‘Strike Zone’, ‘Q-In-Law’, ‘The Siege’ and the rest of the ‘New Frontier’ oeuvre.

Best Lines:
“I wasn’t barehanded. I managed to break apart a chair and used the legs for clubs.”

“A man who just sat there as he had for so long, and would continue to do.”
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