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The 100 2x02 Reviewed

Inclement Weather
Abbie and Kane give orders. Clarke is miserable and has bitchy resting face. The new (and good) opening credits debut. Jaha finds a baby on the Ark or does he. Raven is subjected to dangerous surgery. Grounders attack. Clarke is unenthused about anything. It is revealed the 12 stations that made up the Ark were weapons platforms. Octavia has ambition and ability. Finn whines. Raven has a lot to be angry about. Kane looks askance. Monty calls Clarke an ungrateful ass. Jaha hallucinates. Reapers attack. Jaha lands somewhere. Abbie acts in an unquieting manner. Clarke’s stay in Mount Weather won’t be long or durable when she learns the art house depravity secret of the doctor’s (Rekha Sharma of ‘Battlestar Galactica’) radiation treatment that involves Grounder leader (Dichen Lachman). This was okay.

Best Lines:
“What provoked them?”
“We were here.”

“The Exodus Charter.”

“Take it out.”

“Our ancestors used them to destroy the world. We’re going to use one to get back to it.”

“That’s a warning I intend to take very seriously.”

“You sound like a crazy person.”

“Time to go home.”
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