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Book Reviews: The Children of Old Leech, part 2 + Get Even

The Children Of Old Leech edited by Ross E. Lockhart and Justin Steele, part 2

The Woman In The Wood
This is a problematic narrative that propagates damaging gender ideology.

A hunting trip brings an unwanted change. This gets bogged down in minutiae.

A woman learns the unholy truth behind a Norse legend. Okay.

Best Line:
“The rest of the family was okay - weird, but okay - “

A Thousand Cuts
An OTT tale of revenge, blood, body horror and the defiance of death.

Best Lines:


A hobo and his hound ride the rails and something is after them and individual reality is not what it was. Okay.

Best Line:
“He felt somehow that would be unhealthy.”

All hail tough rugged protagonists and the Pacific Northwest mythos and the ravenous universe.

Get Even by Gretchen McNeil
The author of ‘Ten’ and ‘3:59’ is the Christopher Pike of the new 10s. Bree, Olivia, Kitty and Margot have nothing in common and are not friends. But that is what they want people to think. The quartet form DGM, a vigilante squad that avenges the sins of their pretty vacuous emotionally empty fellow students and teachers. But DGM’s acts have prompted a hate spiral at their exclusionary and awful elite private school.

Truth and awfulness comes out along with mood swings and charmless sybaritism as DGM are targeted by a heartless and unpleasant nemesis with a soul of total ice. This was a very good tale of low intellect grubby lowlifes being low, eat your duvet weird types, cold and isolated types, nasty chicks and the incredibly awful things teenagers do to each other in the non-sylvan school. It ends on a massive cliffhanger. Is there a follow up?

Best Lines:
“About as welcome as a raving case of the herps.”

“Bullying was rampant - from rich girls who label-shamed poorer students to locker-room fights and lunch-hour shakedowns.”

“His oft-repeated threat to send her to a convent school back east.”

“All perfectly understanding and cooperative and nice, the parental illusion of a modern high school.”

“A sexy piece of man meat.”

“Got along about as well as toothpaste and orange juice.”

“Amber’s the biggest cowbag at school.”

“You two get to sit at home on your computers while I hide in the bushes again.”

“I heard him bragging the other day in the weight room that he’s never read a book voluntarily.”
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