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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

House of Cards’ season 3 promo
President Underwood looks troubled, something is up with Claire and where is Meechum?

Best Lines:
“We’re murderers Francis.”
“We’re survivors.”

‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ trailer
Way too much Iron Man in this.

Best Line:
“Everyone creates the thing they dread.”

‘Arrow’ 3x10 promo

‘Ant-Man’ teaser trailer
Paul Rudd, bad facial hair, Ant-Man, ants, Corey Stoll and Evangeline Lilly. This looks ridic and the title is total fail o’suckyname.

‘Demonic’ trailer
Opening gates between our world and the underworld goes awry. This horror from James Wan looks good. Investigators look into people who hunt ghosts. A circle, a creepy music box and found footage.

Best Lines:
“Just don’t move.”

“I think they call it mass murder.”

“Came to do a séance.”

“What’s she pointing at John?”

‘Wolf Hall’ promo
Anne Boleyn is as fearful and vengeful as ever.

Best Line:
“Those who are made can be unmade.”

‘The Gambler’ TV spot

Best Line:
“I will kill your entire bloodline.”

‘Cucumber/Banana/Tofu’ promo

‘The Lazarus Effect’ trailer
Looks okay.

Best Lines:
“Did I just die?”

“You’ve no idea what you’ve done. But you will.”

Blue Persian salt - okay.
Chewy éclair candy - okay.
Salt and Vinegar crisps - a weakness.
Made Nut Brownies - nice.
Guacamole with jalapeño chilli salsa - okay.

RIP Anita Ekberg.

‘The Flash’, ‘The 100’ and ‘Arrow’ all renewed. Yay!

I am reading ‘The Missing’.

1999’s ‘Queer as Folk’ wasn’t that good.

So Adrian Pasdar’s TV show ‘The After’ is not going ahead.

‘American Crime Story’ sounds interesting.

I bet ‘Agents of SHIELD’ ripped off the age-defying Nazi war criminal plot from ep 2x13 of ‘Fringe’.

I miss DAW anthologies.

From what I saw of ‘Once Upon A Time’ season 3: walking meat brick Peter Pan, recast Robin Hood and the passive immobility of the ‘heroes’ - it has been rendered unwatchable.

I will review ‘Wolf Hall’ and ‘The Sweeney’ (2012).

Jaguarondi is cute.

Anyone else recall Moyra’s Web Jewels or the Slash Hall Of Shame?

‘Fringe’ Quotes:
“I know it’s difficult to grasp.”
“Oh I can grasp it just fine.”

“That’s deep.”

“A quantum tectonic event.”

“Some things are not ours to tamper with. Some things are Gods.”

‘Once Upon A Time’ Quotes:
“Merry Men come in all sizes.”

“Your death and more importantly mine.”

“Like nuclear fairy dust.”

“It’s intolerable.”

“The darkness has tasted you.”

“Do you know what you cost me?”

‘The Sunday Times’ Quotes:
“I’m not sure if it’s stageable, but it’s performable.”

“Very experienced at playing dirty girls from the country.”

“Women just do pain.”

“Hanging his arse out of windows, going, ‘Oi, look at me hole’”

“She no longer has anything to commute to.”

“Very good at spending money I earn.”

“They want to live off what others earn.”

“Young granny or IVF mother?”

“Came to dislike her for the last 15 years of her life.”

“Her insufferable arrogance.”

“Permanently tarnished by their father’s sin.”

“Since she did not work, most assumed that she was living off the secret remains of her father’s fortune.”

“There are several Batmen and several crotchless Robins.”

“Smoking too much weed.”

“Mess her about and I’ll throw you out the window.”

“Get yer tits out, you slag!”

“The things he’s said about my acting could have stopped me from getting work; stopped me feeding my family. He’s saying I can’t act, but Harold Pinter said I could!”

“He was hacking away at it with a carving knife. He looked like a psycho.”

“Doing things to each other with an inflatable shark.”

“One rack of bikinis, one rack of x-rated lingerie. A glass cabinet of sex gels.”

“The taxi driver understood where I had wanted to go only after I had mimed it.”

“I’d be apologising extensively to a locked door.”

“I’m suspicious of their happiness.”

‘The Sunday Business Post’ Quotes:
“He got hammered and split red wine over the table.”

“Once left home in Bermuda shorts and swiftly returned after some unkind comments from truck drivers.”

“A long way from his ‘Mr Angry of Sandymount’ image.”

“Making macho threats against each other.”

‘The Missing’ Quotes:
“The others were demanding stridently.”
“That’s certainly the Cardassian style.”

‘Raising Hope’ Quotes:
“By night was leased to a biohazard company.”

“Fish can’t breathe chlorinated water. You’re fired fish killer!”

“I put myself through VCR repair school by installing payphones.”

“I guess I could reach out to my MySpace contacts.”

“A terrible achiever.”

“Hungry clowns.”

“If I spoil her, it makes her like me way more than my ex-wife.”

“Sex poison?”
“That’s what I call children.”

“We do not have weird sex.”

“It’s covered in mustard diarrhoea!”

“Are you sure this isn’t poop water?”

“Having a bit of a poisonous spider problem. Try not to snore when you sleep cos they take that as a sign of aggression.”

“Stability is the enemy.”

“Get you a new wallet with the Velcro and the little plastic picture things you like to put your sugar packets in.”

“You’re all horrible horrible people and I really wish horrible horrible things happen to you.”


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