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A Look Back At: Adrian Mole (1985 - 1987) Part 2

What is with the random cat noises on the soundtrack? While on holiday in ‘The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole’, Adrian reads ‘On The Beach’ on a beach. The horrors of a UK beach holiday are laid bare. George rants about his loathing of Wales. Adrian wears horrible shorts and the toxic narrative of his life goes on. Greenham Common is mentioned. Pauline has a low opinion of Ivan, which is ironic as she later married and divorced him in the books. When Pauline attends an ante-natal appointment she is given what looks like a baking tray to pee in instead of a specimen jar. Courtney Elliot the postman lingers - whatever became of him? What is a Giro? Who was Robin Day? South Africa is mentioned a lot. ‘Growing Pains’ is 18 years old. The actor who played Nigel played Tanis in the ‘Underworld’ movies. Whatever became of Selina Scott? The ‘sad’ music that plays when bad things happen is really annoying. What’ll become of the final Mole book Sue Townsend was writing at the time of her death?

Best Lines:
“There’s a 50p fine for latecomers.”

“You haven’t got any close friends George.”

“So where’s the wildlife then?”
“It’s probably all sheltering from the wind.”

“Stuff your nylon sheets too!”

“Her room now looks like a scene from ‘Bleak House’ by Jane Austen.”

“Where’s the nappy bucket?”
“It’s next to the compost bucket. Now don’t get it wrong again.”

“We have an abandonment!”


“They send delinquents to her house on New Year’s Eve for corrective training.”

“Don’t talk to yobbos!”

“I hate Wales. I can’t even stand it when it’s on the telly.”
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