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Movie Reviews: Me and Orson Welles + Othello

Me And Orson Welles (2005)
In 1937 a boy (Zac Efron) gets a job in Orson Welles’ production of ‘Julius Caesar’. He pants after an assistant (Claire Danes) and rehearses the ground breaking modern dress production amid a fog of severed friendships and knowingly false statements. Orson is an intolerable ass who cruelly ignores the dissatisfaction of his actors, he screams and sprays spit and is oblivious to criticism. This was dull and one feels an inward shudder at the arrogance, blame narratives and martyrdom on display. However the crowning moment of awesome is the re-enacting of the play which was meant as a nod to Mussolini’s Italy.

Best Lines:
“A lean brutal Caesar.”

“Sprayed by Orson’s spit.”

“No acting ass.”

“Gloomy bastard.”

“I can’t rehearse with this man in the theatre!”

“You’re so above ambition?”

“He can’t be wrong.”

“How the hell do I top this?”

“That’s your replacement.”

“Where do you dwell?”

“Indictment of the intelligentsia.”

“Absurd interpretation.”

“We wait for Orson.”

“The whole show is in shambles.”

“Every moment of this show is mine.”

“You insult me Mr Orson Welles.”

Othello (1952)
Orson Welles’ black and white movie filmed over three years. This is an excellent take on the bard’s tragedy and the fate of Iago is creepy.
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