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Revenge 4x02 + The 100 2x01 Reviewed

Charlotte had a bad day as she drama queens. David loves Victoria and that is all he has thought about since his faked prison ‘murder’. WTF? Gideon annoys. Glossy suspended disbelief is needed as David swallows Victoria’s mad lies and is too busy dry-humping her to notice Emily. There is bad acting as Charlotte won’t stop whining. Emily opens up to Charlotte only to be violently rebuffed.

The David Clarke is alive plotline is ridiculous. David only cares about Victoria and Charlotte; he doesn’t know who Emily is. What will TPTB do next? Bring back Falcon and the Initiative? WTF? Charlotte forgets all the terrible things the Graysons have done. David is pathetic. Gideon is about as menacing as a ‘She-Ra’ doll. This was dull. Jack’ partner has an agenda, maybe.

There is a proliferation of revenge. Gideon is AWFUL. French chick seduces Daniel in a string vest top. Victoria poisons David against Emily. The Graysons are irredeemable. Women beware women is the motto of this show.

Best Lines:
“The sound of my revenge free summer being strangled to death by a web of thorns.”

“I can’t help you right now.”

“I didn’t think I had the choice.”
“Well you did. And you can’t take it back.”

“I did it all for a dead man.”

“You do remember they have the internet in Paris?”

“Why do I have to fly commercial?”

“Enjoy your final days in my office.”

“Goodbye sis.”

The 48
Clarke yells and is violent; there is a question of rage. It becomes clear that the Ark’s knowledge of earth was unremittingly inaccurate and misleading. People live an enclosed life inside Mount Weather and they have a hereditary president. The strongly disliked Bellamy is sadly not dead. Nor is the Chancellor. Lincoln’s village is near the Lincoln memorial. Octavia is sick. Sadly Raven is not dead.

Clarke is damningly annoying. The Mount Weather people can’t survive the radiation outside but the Grounders and the Ark people can. Mount Weather resident Maya has many reasons to dislike Clarke. There are some similarities to the novel ‘Children of the Dust’. The annoying Finn tries to be intense and fails. There is pretty scenery and a deformed man lurks.

Clarke’s efforts to misdirect and her outright lies are obvious. Why does Monty defend Clarke? Why is Clarke so selfish and stupid? The Ark survivors collect a few of the 100. Abbey’s hair is much longer. Bellamy picks fights and is trouble waiting to happen. This was goodish.

Clarke’s ‘art skills’ not seen or mentioned since 1x01 show up. Mount Weather types lie. Finn blames the Grounders and warmongers. Kane was hinted as being a baddie back in 1x01 and isn’t, TPTB softened him. Clarke doesn’t think much of the frozen in time Mount Weather. Where do they get the art supplies? The Ark survivors have set up Camp Jaha. As for Jaha, he is still in space but he is not alone.

Best Lines:
“Containment breach!”

“The sky people.”

“Not much of a talker is she?”
“A skill picked up from the savages no doubt.”

“Multiple crash sites over a hundred square miles.”

“What are you doing here Murphy?”
“Dying, same as you.”

“What do I do?”
“Try not to die.”

“No chocolate in space?”
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