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A Look Back At: Adrian Mole (1985 - 1987)

It’s hard to believe that series 1 is 30 years old. Adrian Mole starts out 13 ¾ and is convinced he is an ‘intellectual’. The show must have had beer product placement because George Mole was always surrounded by cans of it and was always swigging out of a can. Rick Lemon the ‘with it’ youth club leader was only mentioned once in 1x01 and never seen onscreen. Mr Cherry the newsagent gives Adrian a rise of 2 ½ pence an hour for his paper-round. The dog food in the opening credits of series 1 is labelled ‘Doggydin’.

The Mole clan live in Leicester. Pauline wears 80s earrings and blue eye shadow. TPTB made a serious mistake when they recast the role with Lulu in series 2.
George Mole has furry car seat covers. This series had bad dubbing. Scruffbag Bert annoys. Granny Mole has an old fashioned gas fire. The Moles have a grey rotary phone. Pandora wears dungarees. Adrian reads ‘The News of the World’. Adrian and his ‘true love’ Pandora act like they’re 45 not teenagers. Pandora wears white ankle socks. The opening credits of series 2 are not as iconic as those of series 1.

Best Lines:
“You’re young and daft.”

“Gimme your dinner money!”

“I put a dead serious expression on my face just in case she’d been caught shoplifting.”

“Marriage is nothing like being in prison, women are let out every day to go to the shops.”

“It’s full of people with beards and rucksacks.”

“Wanton. That’s not very nice.”

“This is my tragic hour. Not yours.”

“They’re going to a grotty wedding in Croydon. Go on stay, we’ll have a good laugh. Bring ‘Godot’ as well; we might as well find out who’s waiting for him.”

“Maxwell, what a stupid name.”

“Get lost Noddy! Disappear!”

“Now I know how Rembrandt must have felt after painting the Sistine Chapel in Venice.”


“Clapped out old bugger.”

“You’re not constipated are you?”

“He’s carrying on like Hitler in those old films.”

“Dirty little git!”
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