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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘The Musketeers’ 2x03 promo
Rochefort has a cunning plan.

‘Revenge’ 4x03/4x04 promo
Oh hell no.

‘The 100’ 2x02 promo
Violence is planned.

Best Line:
“Grounders don’t use guns.”

‘Ex_Machina’ TV spot

Salt Caramel choc - good.
Orange crunch choc - yum.
Intense truffle choc - ok.
Marzipan choc - yuk.
Raspberry choc - yum.
Hazelnut praline - good.
Almond praline - good.
Hazelnut caramel - good.
Vanilla choc - ok.
Lemon choc - ok.
Marc de Champagne choc - ugh.
Tobacco choc - yum.
Almond choc - yum.
Hazelnut choc - yum.
Ginger choc - okay.
White choc - okay.
Wensleydale and apricot cheese - ok.
Made another Mug Cake - not successful.

‘Benched’ is a terrible show.

Hawkeye is in another movie?

I still have no interest in ‘Kong: Skull Island’.

I’m not interested in the ‘Daredevil’ series.

What happened to bath pearls?

Read interesting ‘Agents of SHIELD’ casting.

Shortland Street’ Quote:
“Awesome fire - please take out the school.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quote:
“She may end up dead.”

“Mal-adaptive behaviour.”

“He has handcuffs.”

“Threatened to kill me with a bread knife.”

“Would go live someplace else.”

“Everything got hostile.”

“What a saboteur you are.”

‘Teen Mom 2’ Quotes:
“What the hell is that?”

“Neither of you have custody of those children.”

“Aggressive with you.”

“Why not wait?”

“Your stuff’ll be outside.”

“They’re yelling at each other.”

‘The Domination’ Quotes:
“A place to escape to, hope for overthrowing us. So we had to expand. Also, you run through a lot of territory when every one of a landholder’s sons expects an estate.”

“We’ll have to conquer the earth, the Archon was right, you see? To survive, we’ve got to make sure nobody else does, except as serfs.”

“We’ll never be safe.”

“War was the heritage of her people.”

“Conquer and live.”

“Consider that we began as a band of refugees with nothing but a rifle each and the holes in our shoes, less than two centuries and we own a quarter of the human race and the habitable globe.”

“Read Naldorssen again someday, only imagine a science that could make her ravings something close to reality.”

“I have to be willing to kill for them. It’s what they know an’ respect.”

“For the Draka to change they’d have to stop bein’ afraid.”

“All unauthorized education was forbidden under penalty of death.”

“Exactly what the Domination is an’ what we intend.”

“Fo’ men so inclined, there’s prettybucks.”

“Their own military were expected to fight to the death.”


“I’m not angry with you. Yet.”

“The serfs are organic machinery no mo’.”

“What were we goin’ to do?”
“What weren’t we? Conquer the world-”
“Almost half, it turned out.”

‘Drakas!’ Quotes:
“We fear everybody else on the planet.”
“With good reason.”

“Security called firing automatic weapons over prisoner’s heads to get them to take their seats “gentle persuasion”.”

“Don’t bother breakin’ out the mops.”

‘The Big Bang Theory’ Quote:
“My small rock kills your enchanted bunny.”

‘Raising Hope’ Quotes:
“I hate those guys.”
“Jimmy, we are those guys.”


“First Aid is just a scam.”

“Shoot flare, eat sandwich, wait for help.”

“Look forward to cleaning your drain hair.”

“Forehead reduction surgery is super cheap.”

“I don’t believe in gauze.”

“I’m a veritable minefield of mockable traits.”

“Every time I check it, it gets higher.”

“You should be ashamed.”

“Big house, tiny wife, wimpy husband. It’s what every home invader dreams of.”

“I miss my prison husband.”

“We can bleach the chicken tomorrow.”

“How often do you have sex?”
“Like this? Never.”

“To un-bog my colon.”

“I just cleaned my craw.”
“Keep talking.”

“Why does your bedroom smell like my mother’s breath?”

“They melted.”
“In a strangely contained shelf fire.”

“That’s a napkin maw-maw.”
“What will those Mexicans think of next?”

“I never used the toilet that Elvis died on?”

“That’s how paw-paw used to wake me up.”

“Forward my mail to hell.”

“These people are boat rich.”

“Just clothes and skin holding in farts.”

“I’m going to write a very negative online review of your museum!”

“I can be like that cool army guy on ‘JAG’.”

“Have any of you ever been molested by a clown?”

“Everything about this scares me.”

“Deserving barren couples.”


“That is a picnic without a blanket!”

‘The Irish Times’ Quote:
“Threw the Christmas tree out the door.”

‘Miranda’ Quote:
“Be free of your mother!”

On ‘Neighbours’: Brad finds Terese after Ezra attacked her and accuses her of cheating. His constant snide remarks, dirty looks and little putdowns are sick. Brad is a stressor and has an insane level of self-absorption. Toadie acts macho and Sonia’s stalker is revealed as some bogan nobody cares about. Brad yells, Terese turns on ill-loved Paul who gets stinging criticism while Brad escapes all condemnation. The opening credits have changed. Bossy the dog is in them.

Sonia’s stalker is some bogan junkie. Matt is the only cop in town. Paige the cuckoo won’t piss off. Amber is a moron. Brad yells at Paul. Toadie yells at the bogan. Brad is still an ass saying harsh things. Lauren yells. Daniel is a tool. Rain is rumpled.

Best Lines:
“Who is it?”
“Your husband!”

“Was this a revenge thing?”

“Take your basket and your apology and shove it.”

“No man does.”

“You see me as the enemy.”

“Some weird cult or something.”
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