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Person Of Interest 3x05 + Revenge 4x01 + Stalker 1x09 Reviewed

At some point will it be revealed that Finch has being doing everything for his own cruel amusement and he is actually laughing at other people’s lack of intelligence? HR plot, TPTB pushes the Reese/Carter ship, a moppet is in peril and flashbacks to 1993 show how Shaw was a weird kid. The HR plant annoys. Finch mentions the doctor from season 1 who saved Reese. Shaw bleeds a lot. There is a proliferation of baddies who are into bath salts. Carter gets the drop on HR. Reese and Finch are Batman split in two: the vigilante and the billionaire. This was okay and then Root shows up.

Best Lines:
“My mom’s in prison in Russia.”

“Here’s your liver.”

“You paid me to save him not listen to him talk.”

“I need blood, so I’m taking yours.”

“Shaking down hookers.”

Victoria has voiceover duties now. Why is Emily living in Grayson Manor in the Hamptons? David (James Tupper) lurks. I’ve forgotten most of what happened in season 3. Nolan wears fugly attire that makes him look like an 80s bathmat. Victoria makes friends in the nuthouse amongst them is Yeardley Smith. People sport new looks, Daniel is still an ass, Jack is a cop, plots have been dropped and this show needs a viability assessment.

Charlotte annoys, she still can’t act. The Graysons are unchanged scum. Emily is not being shunned. Charlotte mooches off Daniel. Who is Louise who is in the nuthouse with Victoria? David sees Emily and doesn’t know her. There is no reality here and I’m not wildly interested. Charlotte and Gideon are dating and doing drugs. Daniel has no money. Jack has a hot partner. Victoria escapes the nuthouse. Emily makes things worse. Victoria accepts no blame and David plans his own takedown.

Best Lines:
“There won’t be any poisonings?”

“Can’t. Don’t want to.”

“You have earned your pain.”

“I would do it all again.”

“If you’re worried that I might cut you in your sleep, I’m not crazy.”

“Your name doesn’t intimidate people the way it used to.”

“I got sick of hating!”

“What’s it all for?”

“Too busy piloting your whore instead of your boat!”

Crazy For You
Beth whispers and mumbles. Her friend is a twit. A shrink is stalked. There is bad acting and invariably TPTB shove Jack into every scene. Thus far I don’t care about these characters. The cops are idiots, the victim is unreachable and reticent and I accrue reasons to hate this show. Beth gets a clue, women whine, a sober living house is lived in and there is a ‘twist’. This was rank.

Best Lines:
“Do people attack you all the time?”

“Almost prophetic.”

“A high functioning alcoholic.”

“A viable threat.”

“Please love me too.”

“I was being good.”
“Not last night.”

“Oh that’s just rude.”

“What did you just give me?”
“Just a few sleeping pills I stole from your wife while I was having sex with her.”
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