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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

BBC 2015 promo
‘Doctor Who’, ‘Sherlock’ and ‘Poldark’ - yeah, and?

‘Marry Me’ promo

American Sniper’ TV spot

‘Revenge’ season 4 promo

‘Whiplash’ TV spot

‘LA Confidential’ clip
Nobody plays dead like Kevin Spacey.

Onion & chive cheese - okay.
Vodka & Coke - okay.

Saw a clip of Trevor from ‘Hollyoaks’ when he was on ‘Coronation Street’ - he had more hair but was still rough. Speaking of ‘Hollyoaks’, I’m on a break from it.

‘Futurama’ Quote:
“I can’t stand to see him like this; I’ll push him off the roof.”

Mads Mikkelsen Quote:
“I tried to drink whiskey and scotch, but I don’t get it. It smells like a girl who didn’t shower and just splashed a lot of perfume on.”

‘Draka’ Quotes:
“We alone conquest for conquest’s sake.”

“The Draka will conquer the world for two reasons. Because we must and because we can.”

“Our descendants will walk the hillside of that future, innocent beneath the stars, with no more them and their naked will than a wolf has.”

“In the end only this was certain: these were not my people.”

“Think on the fact that we have never lost a war or given up an inch of earth once we’ve possessed it.”

“I’m not human but my ancestors were, and what they dreamed, we are.”

‘That’s My Boy’ Quotes:
“What am I seeing?”

“No reply, so it’s real.”

“I don’t think Charlie Sheen would understand what’s going on here.”

“He buys those uniforms on eBay so Dad doesn’t find out he’s a modern jazz dancer.”
“What? That’s possibly worse than the incest thing. This is an abomination.”

“You two have fun together. Sickies.”

“I don’t understand the pose.”

“Take that uniform off. You’re insulting us all.”

“It was warranted.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“You need to leave for insubordination.”

“She put a lock on the refrigerator.”

“Throw her in a cactus.”

“You have to go to sleep sometime.”

“She wouldn’t do anything.”

“Why not just leave?”

“She turned off the internet.”

“If you had just done the bare minimum.”

“Removing the soap and toilet paper from her bathroom.”

“My sisters evicted me from my own property.”

“Locks cannot be changed.”

“Have you got evaluated? Ever?”

“Did you try to drive her out?”

“You are a vicious, malicious person.”

“It depends upon how damaged I am.”

“Have you filed a lot of lawsuits?”

“Lacking merit or standing.”

“One of the lawsuits you filed was against your attorney.”

“Frivolous, meritless or baseless.”

“Created havoc in our family.”

“She’s even sued a judge.”

“Real trepidation about coming here today.”

“It’s time for you to stop.”

‘Raising Hope’ Quotes:
“A weirdo pervert killer.”

“Before he comes back and makes masks out of our faces.”

“I just thought he was a pervert.”

“Super-curious guy.”

“Lock us up in Geronimo Bay for the rest of our lives.”

“I was a bit of a firebug in the 90s.”

“Emotional stuff that Dr Phil’s always taking about.”

“I’m so confused.”
“So was I back then.”

“Ever try dodging buckshot in cashmere bellbottoms?”

“The taco of the far east.”

“It’s like the ocean sneezed in my mouth.”

“I promise I will not use the same toxic glue.”

“He’s been all over the world, even Canada!”

On ‘Neighbours’: Susan is awful and selfish. Brad is so stupid it defies belief. Naomi is back. Brad pushes his wife away because he is a vile, lazy, thick bum. Toadie suspects Naomi is the crazy letter writer. Toadie is a jerkass. Brennan won’t go. Paul acts as a committee of taste on Brad. Ezra is a creeper. Brennan could be the crazy stalker. Sonia can’t open a door.

Best Lines:
“I guess we’re done then.”

“Does he really put much effort into anything else?”

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