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Book Review: Two Hundred And Twenty-One Baker Streets, part 3 + Tainted Blood

Two Hundred And Twenty-One Baker Streets edited by David Thomas Moore, part 3

The Innocent Icarus
In an AU Victorian London, Holmes is an audacious success despite being differentiated in this world by being absolutely normal apart from his methodology. Okay.

Best Line:
“Has done nothing to make good on the threat other than to instruct his lawyers to issue menacing letters and denounce my husband in public forums whenever the opportunity arises.”

Half There/All There
In 1970s New York, Holmes and Watson are into Andy Warhol’s Factory scene as well as each other. But their shared ambition is disrupted by an encroaching storm brought about by the hell beast Irene Adler. Excellent.

All The Single Ladies
John Watson is a doctor on a campus where a lunatic is on the loose and a reality show is filming. A female Sherlock Holmes shows up to overshare, be evasive and enumerate everything everyone else has missed. Okay.

The Patchwork Killer
In modern day America, a descendant of Watson accidentally clones Holmes (or something) and together they fight crime. I hate read this non-innovative ridiculous tale that makes no sense.

This is an AU tale about Holmes and Watson as teenage girls who like AU ’Sherlock’ fanfic. This is a wonderful meta-story about how Watson and Holmes belong together in whatever iteration they are. This was excellent.

Tainted Blood by M.L. Brenna
The 3rd in ‘Generation V’ series. A power shift will soon take place within the Scott family. The matriarch is dying and Fort’s transformation into a full vampire is speeding up layer by increasingly ugly lawyer. Fort looks into goings on in the werebear community, avoids thinking about his mother’s impending death and realises that for too long his thoughts on his future have been blissfully anaesthetised. He has to make a reconsideration of his relationship with his siblings and the victims he will one day have to lure. This was okay as a sense of change permeates everything and it is clear that some of Fort’s beliefs have been misplaced. I enjoyed this and look forward to Book 4. Where is Matt?

Best Lines:
“The gray clouds in the sky seemed uncertain about whether they would wholly commit to a full rainstorm or just continue looking atmospheric.”

“Suze had punched a seal in the face.”

“Enough to make me look seriously drugged-up and creepy.”

“Listen, some bears might come and try murder us in the night,”

“Now get with the not trusting.”
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