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Five Book Reviews

A Death In Gascony by Sarah D’Almedia
This 2008 novel is the 4th in the Musketeer Mysteries series. The foursome journey to Gascony after D’Artagnan’s father dies in mysterious circumstances. To uncover the truth they must unravel a tale of religious wars, intrigue, hidden heirs, secret marriages, mysterious pasts and evil relatives. This is an enjoyable tale of friendship, loyalty and murder set during the reign of Louis XIII.

Wizards, Inc edited by Martin H. Greenberg & Loren L. Coleman
This 2007 anthology focuses on the hard and difficult consequences of magic.

A boy learns his life is not what it seems. Good.

Magical security is not easy. Good.

Back Door Magic
Does a woman lack the gift of magic? Okay.

Ties That Bind
A woman taps into the dark side. Good.

Hostile Takeover
Wicked witches fight. Dark and excellent.

A Different Way Into The Life
A woman discovers her job isn’t what she thought it was. Very good.

A boy learns he will lose his magic. Good.

Stocks and Bondage
A very good and funny tale.

The Keeper of the Morals
A ruthless corporate lawyer learns magic changed him from being a bleeding heart liberal. Good.

Cosmic Balances, Inc
A leprechaun meddles. Okay.

A tale of a chocolate shop. Okay.

Chocolate Alchemy
A woman keeps the corporate wolves from the door. Okay.

Sol’s Children edited by Jean Rabe and Martin H. Greenberg
This 2002 anthology is a tale of the exploration of the solar system and Pluto is still a planet.

Old-Boy Network
On Mars the rich still have command of the stage, for now. Good.

Two former friends build an observatory near Io. But something lives on Io and won’t be denied. Very good.

In Finnegan’s Wake
A solar system race. Okay.

Ghosts of Neptune
A bitter scientist is finally getting to Neptune. But what happened to those who went before? Good.

Murder in space. Okay.

An asteroid is occupied. Very good.

The Demons of Jupiter’s Moon
A scientist on Europa is haunted by demons. Good.

He made it to Saturn, but no-one will ever know. Good.

An Acceptable Risk
An elderly astronaut is sent to Venus as a NASA pr exercise. But the routine jaunt becomes something more when he finds evidence of extraterrestrial life. Good.

A criminal escapes the lunar prison. Good and dark.

A Coin For Charon
Scientific rivalry on Pluto transmutes into something more. Okay.

The Toff and the Kidnapped Child by John Creasey
This 1972 novel sees a posh PI investigate a missing girl. There is noir and sexism.

Two Hundred And Twenty-One Baker Streets edited by David Thomas Moore, part 2

A Woman’s Place
In a cold future London, the question of just why Mrs Hudson puts up with Holmes is answered. Good.

Best Line:
“Played music at unsociable hours and paced at all hours of the night on wooden floorboards above my landlady’s rooms.”

A Study In Scarborough
Holmes and Watson were 60s radio comedy stars until a falling out. What precipitated it? An interview reveals all and more. This was a good tale of celeb baiting.

Best Lines:
“He was staring at an elm tree. Seemed confused by it.”

“Not like it, tolerate it.”

The Small World Of 221B
Watson and Holmes begin to notice something off about the grimy streets of London where it is always the reign of Victoria. Okay.

The Final Conjuration
Battling wizards summon a ‘demon’ for help. Good.
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