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Three Movie Reviews

Repossessed (1990)
This ‘Exorcist’ spoof stars Linda Blair has a housewife who is possessed by a “girly devil” and an exorcist (Leslie Nielsen) has to exorcise her on live television with Jesse Ventura providing colour commentary. This is fairly amusing comic ribaldry with cameos and a truly tasteless Ted Kennedy joke.

Best Lines:
“Steroids aren’t used in wrestling anymore are they Jesse?”
“Or any less.”

Viva Maria (1965)
This is a whimsical comedy about Brigitte Bardot, Central America, a travelling show, a songbird and the accidental invention of the striptease. The duo, Maria and Maria, become stars, meet a revolutionary (George Hamilton) and join a peasant revolt. This was bizarre.

The American President (1995)
The POTUS (Michael Douglas) romances a lobbyist (Annette Benning) who is just an emotional motivator in the developmental arc of the male protagonist whose past is littered with female loss. Add in a hugely toxic political rival (Richard Dreyfus) who has ferocity of contempt for the POTUS and the sap flies.
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