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Lost Season 5 Ep 11 review

Whatever Happened, Happened

Horace thinks one of the Dharma people helped Sayid escape: "Somebody let him out." That is some Socratic wisdom there. Roger knows his son was the culprit. As little Ben is dying from the gunshot, Jack won't help. So Kate and Sawyer take little Ben to the Hostiles for help. Meanwhile Miles and Hurley have an in-depth chat about time travel and predestination paradoxes. Flashbacks reveal that Kate befriended Sawyer's old girlfriend Cassidy and that she gave Aaron up to Claire's mother. Kate and Sawyer carry little Ben into the jungle and are menaced by armed, raggedy, hostile Hostiles. Then a dapper looking Richard shows up and agrees to help. He takes little Ben to the Temple.

This was good. So the lostaways continue to create the future by turning little Ben over to Richard. Sawyer seems to guess that Ben and Richard have met before: "You two know each other?". But the power of mystic and awesome Richard cannot be denied and he carries little Ben off.

How does Miles know that Ben turned a wheel? Where is Sayid? How did Kate sprint in those heels? Why does nobody but Kate seem to care about Claire? What is going to happen to little Ben? Didn't Kate recognise Richard and wonder why he hasn't aged from 1977 to 2004? How did Richard just appear in the jungle? Richard calls the Hostiles "My people", even though Charles and Ellie seem to have advanced to positions of power. Richard doesn't answer to them, who does he answer to? How can the Temple heal little Ben? Why is adult Ben so shocked to see Locke alive?

Best Lines:
"Your maniac Iraqi buddy shot Linus."

"He will always be one of us."
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