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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Big Eyes’ TV spot

‘Roald Dahl’s Esio Trot’ promo

Cheddar cheese on Scottish Rough Oatcakes - good.
Luscious orange caramel atop intense dark choc ganache - divine.
Dark choc filled with dark hazelnut gianduja - divine.
Double-layered caramel in combination with rich bittersweet choc - okay.

Do I care about TVs with organic light-emitting diode screens? No. Nor do I care about the Apple Watch.

Learnt where I got my sweet tooth from. My mother bribed me with chocolate to sit still in my car seat.

‘The Sunday Times’ Quotes:
“Like a pretty girl with the clap.”

“We can put an end to them.”

“Camping is the preserve of the very young and the terminally idiotic.”

“They head for the hills with their guns.”

“Drive around a corner too quickly while shouting.”

“I’d be useless and dead in a week.”

“Not the ability to waste people who are climbing over the fence.”

“The makeup equivalent of wearing a taffeta ball gown.”

“Several left their sex toys behind, one relieved himself in the foyer.”

“The water went right through my cashmere socks.”

“Horses were allowed on trains back then.”

“I find mountains macho and tedious.”

“I walked into a restaurant with a sign on the door that said, ‘No guns.’.”

“The praline parfait sounded promising but turned out to be a bag of sugar in disguise.”

“Your neighbour evicts kids for cash.”

“Not knowing shame.”

“Our stupid old pencils.”

“A monument to one man’s vanity.”

“Sank in the Bay of Biscay in 2008.”

“Group stupidity masquerading as public virtue is probably the most incurable affliction to assail any community.”

“A bottomless and epochal chasm.”

‘FT’ Quotes:
“Yes @lady gaga is brushing her hair with a fork.”

“Stripped back to a kind of shadow Old English.”

“Deeper and deeper into the darkness of bloody loss and madness.”

“How could one man have been so duplicitous and not slip up, especially when he drank so heavily?”

“Such a cavalier and nepotistic fashion.”

“A series of discrete aphoristic paragraphs, like your cleverest friend’s Facebook status updates.”

“Considered him neurotic, volatile, belligerent, domineering, foolish and dangerous.”

“Conflicting, local narratives.”

“A national sense of victim hood.”

“Human evil has been rampant within living memory.”

“Featherlight drollery.”

“Over-directed talent.”

“I think, therefore I scam.”

“Trashy-cute images.”

“What’s wrong with “lowest common denominator kitsch”,”

“Manic-oleaginous svengali.”

“A scrapper with a sandpaper-rasp baritone and insomnia-haunted eyes.”

“A depiction so cumbrously unvaried it induces torpor.”

“Mutually dependant outcasts.”

“Percussive and concussive.”

“Flounders into ill-lit confusion.”

“Threateningly snarling staff have the owners under their thumb in this nightmare world.”

‘The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole’ Quotes:
“I am writing this in my basement room. It overlooks the dustbins.”

“He is experienced in seaside boarding houses.”

“Everyone heard her complaining about the nylon sheets.”

“Sid Vicious was singing a filthy version of ‘My Way’ on the shop’s stereo system.”

“One tends to forget that one’s privileged.”

“He never reads books but is forced to listen to Radio Four on his car radio because the dial has jammed.”

“My father has gone back to his proletarian roots. He bought a ‘Kiss Me Quick, Squeeze Me Slowly’ hat and walked along the promenade swigging out of a can of lager.”

“Thinking my intellectual thoughts.”

“She certainly looked antagonistic.”

“Barry Kent has committed educational suicide by wearing his Hell’s Angels clothes to school. Mr Lambert pretended not to notice (Barry Kent is four inches taller than him).”

“I might be a historian if my memory improves.”

“Bert doesn’t like fresh air.”

“He is like an Ancient Mariner around my neck.”

“All the rowing and screaming.”

“It was on guard duty last night protecting our respective bodies from Stanley Gibbons.”

“Whatever you’re doing in there, stop it at once.”

‘Adrian Mole: The Wilderness Years’ Quote:
“Why doesn’t Bert just die like other pensioners.”

‘Casino Royale’ Quotes:
“He celebrates by shooting up an embassy.”

“He’d have the good sense to defect.”

“I’ll have you killed.”

‘The Flash’ Quotes:
“I chose us without a second thought.”

“We’re all just pawns to you.”

“You don’t care about people at all.”

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Quotes:
“Now is not the time for fear. That comes later.”

“Not on my watch.”

“A murderous thug in a mask and cape.”

“Shrimp balls?”
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