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Person Of Interest 3x04 + Stalker 1x08 Reviewed

Reasonable Doubt
Vanessa a prosecutor seems to be the victim of a plot that rips off ‘Double Jeopardy’. Her husband Jeremy is missing presumed murdered. What is going on? The once all biffing Reese hasn’t biffed anyone lately. The non sleek-suited Reese and Finch are dry, silent and brooding. A violent idiot detective with a grudge and lethal anger (Paul Ben-Victor of ’Daredevil’ and ’I-Man’) chases Vanessa the speaking costume. Vanessa turns out to be a victim of her own ambitions. Carter needs some self appraisal. The HR plot has no fleeting cleverness. The expensive husband Jeremy has the IQ of arm stubble. There is a twist and this ep was a bit mono.

Best Lines:
“Burden of proof lies with you.”

“Oh, that’s not good.”

“Cops think she killed him.”
“Oh dear.”

“You once told my boss I was a unique combination of lazy and ineffectual.”

“Do I dare ask how the book club is going?”
“Bunch of pseudo intellectual glorified trophy wives.”

A family are harassed and put into disrepute because the husband (Marc Blucas of ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’) is a reformed skinhead. What bourbon pickled talent made this show so ineffective? The cops excoriate the victim and the neighbours are unhelpful. There are calculated insults and untrammelled apoplexy. This ep was gaucheness. A resentful stalker stalks due to cultural imperative. The toyboy lover cop is over styled and has a total inability to be personable. Social cleansing is planned. I felt discontented by this ep. Jack is presented as the victim of his ex’s vast and endless spite. His son learns his daddy is being kept from him. Maggie Q barely features. A bad cover of ‘Hungry Like the Wolf’ plays.

Best Lines:
“Could be experiencing a psychotic break.”

“They hate us now.”

“Can we not right now?”

“The Harvard for skinheads.”

“Not used to unfriendlies.”

“Get off him.”
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