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Book Review: The Future Falls

The Future Falls by Tanya Huff
This is the third entry in a series that started out well with the good ‘The Enchantment Emporium’ and faltered with the parsimonious ‘The Wild Ways’ and now falters even more with this unambiguously boring volume. Charlotte Gale is one of the selfish bratty members of the mystical inbred clan. She wanders around doing spurious deeds until she learns an asteroid is heading for Earth. Can she get her vacillating family to do something about the oncoming extinction level event? Unselfishness is a foreign concept to the Gales and Charlotte has more interest in wooing a dragon prince and hanging out in dive bars listening to in tune warbling than doing anything note worthy. This was terrible and the resolution is ‘2001’ like in its weirdness.

Best Lines:
“The conspiracy websites the government assisted the deluded to maintain.”

“The sort of person who thought burning a few candles and scribbling chalk notations found in musty books bought at library yard sales would have no unforeseen consequences.”

“It’s like a bad episode of Warehouse 13 in here some days.”
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