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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Foxcatcher’ TV spot

‘Supernatural’ season 9 promo
The episodes are never as good as the trailers.

‘Into The Woods’ TV spot

‘Revenge’ season 4 promo
David goes to Victoria? He doesn’t recognise his own daughter?

Lime chocolate - yum.
Baileys buns - yum.
Super cookies coeur fondant au chocolat noir et pepiles de chocolat - divine.
After Eight selection - ok.

Will is coming back to ‘Hollyoaks’! Yay

I will review ‘Takedown’, ‘Echoes of Dollanganger’, ‘Zombified’, ‘Arsenic For Tea’, ‘The Creation of Anne Boleyn’, ‘Mindshadow’, ‘The Shipkiller’ and ‘Get Even’.

There’s a ‘Sleepy Hollow’ novel?

Had an ‘Arrow’ dream, Tommy was alive and wanted vengeance for Oliver’s disingenuous crap.

Will Adam Lambert stop ruining Queen?

Remember Goldfrapp? No.

Who reads ‘Horse & Hound’ and ‘Sporting Gun’?

‘The Week’ Quotes:
“Staff drinking Strongbow while serving breakfast.”

“A pair of socks left in the draws [sic] that had actually grown mould on them,”

“Represents a shrill, insular and anti-scientific voice in public life.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Once ran away to Bali in the middle of a recording session leaving a note on his bass.”

“A troupe of hermaphrodite dwarves serving cocaine from trays strapped to their heads.”

“Even the roadies have lawyers.”

“Arthur is allergic to food.”

“His voice as dead as a clap in a concrete cell.”

“Incapable of communicating at any volume lower than a hectoring bellow.”

“Mum’s stock response to anything remotely threatening (escalators, cars, the outside world in general).”

“But the subject was never mentioned or discussed.”

“Having to wear one of those eye-patch things on your fanny.”

“TV gave us something to point our furniture at.”

“Chasing automobiles, shooting and shouting at them.”

‘The Strain’ Quote:
“There’s something alive in the hold.”

‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ Quotes:
“What good is gold to me if I’m lying dead with the crows picking at my eyes?”

“Why does the Queen want you dead?”
“She wants everyone dead, all of us.”

‘Sky News’ Quotes:
“Taken over the flat for two weeks.”

“Someone too vulnerable to say no.”

‘Empire of Dust’ Quote:
“Forced herself to smile, trying not to give too much away, hoping it looked enigmatic rather than vapid.”

‘Christopher’s Diary: Secrets of Foxworth’ Quotes:
“Insanity ran in the family like tap water.”

“Maybe those twins are making her meaner. I wish they’d fall out and go away.”

‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1’ Quotes:
“Blood traitor.”

“You foul little git.”

“Mad-Eye fell off his broom.”

‘Country Life’ Quote:
“That had to be a poacher. Phipps loosed off a rifle shot, which winged the interloper.”
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