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The Tudors Review: Season 2 Ep 1

1/2 the cast has been dumped and replaced with a new lot including a cadaverous Peter O'Toole. Now O'Toole knows he's in tosh and camps it up appropriately. He has some great lines, including: "It was very wrong for some people to dig up his body and stab it in the street" and "Why doesn't someone just get rid of her?"

As the Henry/Anne/Katherine plot drags on and on, Suffolk oils his way  around court. Suddenly he has a son, where did the son come from? Since the show has disposed of Henry VIII's sister(s), where will Lady Jane Grey and Mary, Queen of Scots come from? The ill-fated Mark Smeaton pops up, Anne Boleyn doesn't ride side saddle and Katherine's martyr acts grows tiresome.

Fashion Moments:
Anne's turquoise tiara.
Anne's riding hat.
Katherine of Aragon's Princess Leia hair-do.
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