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The Flash 1x09 + Doctor Who: Last Christmas Reviewed

The Man In The Yellow Suit
Barry is mortifying and plays the victim because Iris owes him sex in his view. Barry has internalised rage and does incessant forlorn staring. Iris isn’t psychologically sharp. There is bad acting. The man in the yellow suit attacks. There is no psychological drama realism as the humanoid abomination shows what a brutally calculating sociopath it is.

Mercury Labs is robbed and Dr Christina McGee (Amanda Pays of ‘The Kindred’ and ‘Leviathan’) is slippery. Snow has layers of grief deep and bleeding over Ronnie (Robbie Amell) who she learns isn’t dead. Carlos has no deceit or guilt. Barry has anodyne quaintly cosy flashbacks.

The unbearable Barry is a gaping imbecile. Barry chases not so mellow yellow with resentment and gets beat down via highly threatening behaviour. Iris is easily deceived. Not so mellow yellow’s sartorial choice is questionable. Barry is not a nice guy everyman, he is perturbing. Eddie has dangerously original thinking and sees through some of Joe’s misdeeds and lies.

Ronnie aka Firestorm lurks. Barry is wrong headed and is an inexplicably clunky thing. There is trouble up at t’lab and more terrible consequences thanks to Wells’ pathology of power. This was good. Carlos acts like everyone’s least favourite sibling, Henry tells Barry to give up having his life dominated by his mother‘s loss. Either Henry is utterly broken behind the stubble or he is remarkably content in jail.

Barry ruffles the social fabric by telling Iris he loves her in an unspeakably horrible attempt at manipulation. It is exploitative drama and dishonest. Wells has mythologisation, grandiose slippery despicableness and the vicious and dastardly man in the yellow suit causes more gloominess. The man in the yellow suit gives nuthole Wells a beat down.

Who is the man in the yellow suit? Why does Firestorm and his ferocious fire show up depressingly conventionally to save the day? What is Iris’ reaction to Barry’s love confession and how he lied to her with his every attitude, manner and behaviour? Does she drink and cry on the stairs or ignore it? Joe’s challenge direct trundles along and he has no vitality and makes a miscalculation. There is brutality and brutishness thanks to the man in the yellow suit. Eddie is let in on some secrets.

The events in this episode should cause ructions. Barry and Joe are egregious and crass. Joe bigs up Barry and his mocking, sneering and complaining. There is no gritty realism. Carlos makes a revelation. Is Wells doomed to be misunderstood or is the shock final scene showing that Wells has a spiritual disease?

Best Lines:
“Who are you?”
“You know who I am Barry.”

“It is your destiny to lose to me, Flash.”

“Metahuman psychos.”

“I’m the Reverse.”

“He’s gonna kill Wells.”

“I warned you not to hunt me.”

“Don’t look for me again.”

Doctor Who: Last Christmas (2014)
This unwatchable ep is a symptom of this show’s visible and invisible damage from not getting rid of Clara and her bitter grudges. The reviled Nick Frost makes the sitch worst by vexing viewers as he prances around as Santa. The prevailing sitch is that Moffat decided to see the intellectual consequences of mashing up ‘Alien’ and a 90s ‘Outer Limits’ ep entitled 'Tempests'. This was terrible in every way. Die Clara die.
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