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Agents of SHIELD 2x10 + Person Of Interest 3x03 + Stalker 1x07 Reviewed

What They Become
Coulson’s gang are not emotionally serious. I wish the malodorous May would go away. Material discomfort might improve Skye’s character. Mockingbird pouts. Couslon has insufficient gravitas. Will Fitz stop being completely and utterly inept? Where’s Graviton and Ian Quinn? Why are they wasting time with May’s ex-husband in future episodes? Simmons has no emotional impact. Hunter has fateful self-delusion.

SHIELD won’t stop impugning Ward. Skye is nasty nasty and reviles Ward. Cal aka the Doctor meets his daughter. It’s fraught and full of discomfiture. Skye insults Cal and makes no real effort to conciliate. Skye plays at unwavering toughness. Whitehall has egomania and is killed off. This show wasted Reed Diamond. Coulson blathers about the Theta Protocol. This episodes was all staidness. Virulent psychotic violence was planned and there is dissension. Trip has no input and is killed off.

Agent 33 and Ward bond over being discarded. Coulson is arrogant and gets a beat down from Cal and his uncontrolled fury. Skye shoots Ward like the inconsistent stinging mucky trash she is. Maybe Ward will finally see she’s not an esteemed lady. Skye learns her real name. Coulson has jocularity. There is emotional manipulation. Mockingbird runs about in her slutty spysuit when everyone else dresses like a bum.

Raina reveres change. There is over acting, yelling and why are we supposed to care about Skye? Skye, Raina, Cal and Cal’s dead wife are revealed to be Inhumans. Skye can cause earthquakes and Raina is a bug or something. The whole Inhumans plot is underexploited. There is slow-motion and I don’t care. Peter Wingfield of ’Highlander’ and ’Strange World’ has a cameo as another Inhuman.

Best Lines:
“I liked myself.”

“None of them will matter.”

“Discovery requires experimentation.”

“I don’t want you to see me like that.”
“I don’t mind.”

“Change is terrifying.”

“Seriously, again?”

“There’s someone new.”

There are no flashbacks. Shaw and Reese have withering stares. An untrustworthy man named Murphy is suspected of being a killer. Someone is looking for Root. As for Root, she goes on about her transhuman future. Carter, Shaw and Zoë act as killer bait. Somehow Fusco gets into a club. The plot twists unexpectedly for the dark untrusting souls. Shaw is pretentious and unrelenting. Root’s plotline is an irrelevance. Murphy is in peril. Reese is full of menace. This was a perilously low ep about social embarrassment and a love child. Murphy is perilously dumb.

Best Lines:
“Went from Blue Blood to hipster faster than you can say ironic facial hair.”

“New image, new girl.”

“Your typical stalker sites.”

“God doesn’t need AT&T.”

“This gigantic cow femur.”

“Less than conservative.”

“You were in a body bag.”
“I’ve been in worse places.”

“You just look angry. All the time.”

“Should I shoot him?”
“Not yet.”

“Muggers dumb and dumber.”

“Your stalker stash.”

“Poor white southie trash.”

“His intestines beg to differ.”

“Alex is an heir, not the help.”

Another nutter is enamoured with a victim. There are so many remorseless nutters in LA. Nina (AnnaLynne McCord of ’90210’ and ’Excision’) a gothic soap star is stalked and her sister Emily (Heather Matarazzo of ‘Welcome to the Dollhouse’ and ‘Scream 3’) is overlooked. TPTB have toned down Jack and his shovel faced creepiness. Another breathy cover version play. This show is not distinctly dark and rather scary it’s just inept. Beth isn’t sardonic just grumpy. Perry stalks, Beth fails to notice. ‘Psycho’ is ripped off. This had promise but is inextricably dumb, Beth is undemonstrative and I’m close to giving up.

Best Lines:
“What’s her back-story?”

“We found his anti-psychotics hidden in the shed.”

“It’s all about you, all the time.”

“You watch ‘The Good Wife’?”

“He flatlined until season 4.”

“I pose no danger to Nina or anyone else.”
“You climbed her wall carrying an 8 inch hunting knife.”
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