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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Unbroken’ TV spot

‘Birdman’ TV spot

Best Line:
“You’re freaking me out.”

‘Indian Summers’ promo

They’re recasting Mason Verger on ‘Hannibal’?

Mince pies - yum.
Fudge Brownie Cookie Dough Bites - taste only of sugar.
Chilli con carne - nice.
Avocado - nice.
Burnt Toffee choc - ok.
Camomile Tea - nice.

The Radio 4 adaptation of ‘Good Omens’ airs at 11pm!

The Georgians ate blackbirds and thrushes?!?

I saw Popcorn Tea.

Anyone else see those ads of Bryan Cranston advertising haemorrhoid cream in the 1980s?

Lola in ‘Reign’ is Susan from the ‘Narnia’ films!

RIP Mandy Rice-Davies.

The 1999 ‘A Christmas Carol’ stars an overacting grim-faced Patrick Stewart being taunted and goaded into Christmas camaraderie. It was sanctimonious and moralising and vile and unspeakable. Richard E Grant also showed up as the sweetly doggedly faithful father of Tiny Tim. This was implicitly patronising and dispiriting.

The 1966 ‘Fantastic Voyage’ is a terrible film.

‘The Sunday Telegraph’ Quotes:
“Reports that his hatred of cooking smells proved the last straw are apocryphal.”

“He reportedly postponed their wedding to dry out, then met someone else in rehab and called it off.”

“A deep distrust of king crab.”

“Looked like wedding-buffet quiche.”

“An unacceptable form of transport for the Son of God.”

“As if she’d just flown in from Planet Nympho.”

“His films were the most horrible things I’ve ever seen in my life.”

“Having the wrong kind of dreams.”

“Neanderthal fascist.”

“A slow descent into respectability.”

“The Worst Girl In The School.”

‘Telegraph’ Quotes:
“Less face melting.”

“Putrid cesspit of insincerity.”

‘Sunday Independent’ Quotes:
“Dour conformity.”

“She had the odour of aspiration about her.”

‘The Simpsons’ Quotes:
“The worst half hour of television ever.”

“Since when is soup sauce?”

“We need to cancel the 22:30 spirits.”

“That verdict was overturned in the sequel.”

“Look I’m wrapped around your leg here.”

“Stop stirring you!”

“I wonder if there are birds on the moon.”

“Voice too poor for karaoke.”

“Bring us your toilet paper night.”

“I hear mom sobbing.”

“That’s lettuce caught in a spider’s web.”

“The place to get drunk is at home.”

‘Reign’ Quote:
“I must kill my son and wed his wife.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quote:
“If you didn’t shoot him in the head, who did?”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“He was generally detested at court and suspected of murdering his first wife, who fell down a flight of stairs in 1560.”

“Under house arrest with disharmonious relatives.”

“10-minute montage of royalist propaganda.”

“Christmas is the stick with which millions of us beat ourselves into brandy soaked agony for being poor, single, childless, lonely, or simply bad at being jolly.”

“Christmas has no value unless you’ve paid for it.”

“Your family are a long way from the Bisto advert.”

“Refuse structure and accepted use.”

“An endosymbitic person.”

“His impression of a shady drug dealer at this point is so comically bad that you can only imagine that the story he’s telling is true.”

“Can we just not?”

“Incompatible to who I was.”

“Absolute madness.”

“Palpable self-control.”

“He’s alienated from the world - and from his own alienation, for which he reserves his most cutting distain.”

“There seems to be something slightly sad about having to go to a music festival dressed as if you were heading to the Western front.”

“Gotcha games.”

“Being insufferably smug.”

“A permanent unease.”

“Clearly demarcated performance.”

“Always droning on in a sort of monotone about how the one-party state was coming.”

“The great grouch.”

“Most of those things are so poorly lit.”

“It’s like talking to a crumpled bag of sweets.”

“Lazy, evil, exploitive.”

“Inchoate anger.”

“Demanded that we get divorced. Failing that, he demands that our home is transferred to him and his sister. My wife is upset and appalled and coming under constant pressure to divorce me or give them the house.”

‘New Girl’ Quotes:
“Shame, shame. I know your name.”

“Yeah you better walk bitch.”

‘Cuckoo’ Quotes:
“He challenged his opponent to swallow hot coals to prove his divinity.”

“30 lashes for each minute of internet.”

‘The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole aged 13 ¾’ Quotes:
“My father shouted a swear-word at it. If he’s not careful he will get done by the police for obscene language.”

“I found a word in my dictionary that describes my father. It is malingerer.”

“Helping the poor and ignorant.”

“He is being kept in as punishment for chewing the sink.”

“There was a lot of shouting downstairs last night. The kitchen waste bin was knocked over and the back door kept being slammed.”

“I’m fed up with dogs. They are either at the vet of standing in front of the television.”

“Perhaps big youths just like menacing and fighting.”

“Big and Bouncy is extremely indecent. It is full of disgusting pictures.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Ste and John-Paul do social laboratory of the self while done up as Ginger Spice on their stag night. This show has become pedantic, moribund and complacent lately.
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