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Book Reviews: Target + Symbiont

Vicky Peterwald Target by Mike Shepherd
This is a spin off from the tired ‘Kris Longknife’ saga. I’m tired of Kris Longknife and her endless endless crap. Vicky Peterwald was once an enemy of Kris’ but is now a sort of ally. But that isn’t enough to help Vicky survive the decaying empire her father rules and the deadly decadent court her evil stepmother oversees. With assassins, corruption and lies all around her, Vicky must use her skills at tantalisation to assert herself and maybe just maybe become Empress.

This is a good but superficial novel with all the depth of Birthday Cake M&Ms, but it is enjoyable. Ethical slut Vicky is a far more interesting character than the emo Kris and her lackeys. I will be reading the follow up novel ‘Survivor’. I want to see Vicky triumph over her apathetic father and greedy evil murderous stepmother.

Best Lines:
“I never saw what I’m seeing just now, Sir.”

“Underwear is for the working class. We in the palace live free.”

“What man wants to talk to a thinking woman? Or marry one?”

“Sated his alimentary needs.”

“There were a lot of missing hands the next year at Academy reunions with no explanations given.”

“Her family are just as grasping as ever.”

“There are no old times between us,”

Symbiont by Mira Grant
Book Two of the ‘Parasitology’ trilogy is dull and full of padding. The tapeworms were designed to relieve humanity of disease and sickness. Now they’re relieving humanity of dominion of the planet. Sal is held prisoner a lot, people stand around talking and war is a clear and present danger. This had lies, revelations, body horror, mad scientists and a cliff-hanger. It is nowhere near as good as Book One.

Best Lines:
“Who inherits the Earth?”

“It’s adorable how you keep thinking that what you want has any merit.”

“Did you honestly think you could keep an operation of this size completely concealed? In a dead city, no less?”

“You little abomination.”
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