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Book Review: Full Circle

Star Trek Voyager: Full Circle by Kirsten Beyer

The 'Voyager' book relaunch gets re-relaunched.

I haven't read the first 4 books in the 'Voyager' relaunch. But you can follow 'Full Circle' without them, even though it presumes you've read them and the 'Destiny' trilogy, 'Before Dishonor' and 'A Singular Destiny'. 'Full Circle' covers a number of years and various events as events head toward the climax where the wheel of fate comes full circle.

This was a good read even if it obvious that 'Full Circle' was originally intended as two books that were rewritten and reedited into one volume. The Voyager crew face various calamities and the indignity of 'Voyager' being the red headed stepchild of the Trek franchise is actually addressed. Paris, Torres and their child are imperilled by a lunatic Klingon cult. Chakotay goes insane. Seven broods. Harry looks for a plot. Various characters talk about how wonderful Janeway was. Yes Janeway was a wonderful, perfect captain who never did anything wrong or made a single mistake. The Janeway lovefest does get tiring after a while.

The ending which sets up more 'Voyager' books to come is unexpected. Where the books will go from here is anyone's guess and I will read the next 'Voyager' book 'Unworthy'.
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