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Trailers, Quotes and a 2005 Tape Tale

‘Derek - The Special’ promo

‘Millennium’ opening credits
Great music, great credits and a meaningless show.

I am reading ‘Target’.

Artisan du Chocolat - divine!

‘Peg + Cat’ - no.

‘Revival’ Quotes:
“Useless hippies.”

“A sterile world below hollow stars.”

“This horror was the afterlife, and it was waiting for not just the evil ones among us but for us all.”

‘Target’ Quotes:
“How to get home without becoming excessively dead on the way.”

“I wouldn’t take a drink of water from you if I were dying of thirst in a parched desert.”

“Let the mob raise up its own tyrant? Never!”

To Die For’ (book) Quotes:
“Give them a lifestyle to aspire to beyond spending the rest of their life digging clams and shacking up with their 250-pound first cousin.”

“In her cheap suit and her push-up bra.”

I read ‘Hollyoaks’ Christmas spoilers - all the plots are recycled. Dodger is publicly revealed as Nico’s dad after she flees the hospital and throws a tantrum in The Dog accusing Patrick of being her dad. Dodger is underhanded and deceitful, Dodger is hateful now. Dirk still babies him. Where is poor Will? Sinead and Freddie plot. Are they still married? Teegan and her chenille bores. Sienna kidnaps Dodger and Nico to reenact ‘The Ref’ with them.

Cleared out a 2005 tape. It began with a ’Xena: Warrior Princess’ ep ’Takes One To Know One’ in which a load of supporting characters gather for a surprise party. Discord the goddess of retribution shows up. There is bad acting, a murder mystery and people standing around yapping. This was not pretty deep. Then came an ’X Files’ ep ’Tithonus’ in which a photographer tries to capture the Reaper’s image. This was not resonant.

Then came a ’Smallville’ ep ’Commencement’ in which Lana kills Jane Seymour’s character. Lois won’t stop freeloading and leave. Lionel and Lex yap in the shadows. A 2nd meteor storm hits. Clark and co graduate, Clark didn’t invite Lex. Clark lies and abruptly interrupts and dismisses Lex. Jason dies, nobody cares. Chloe and her vocal fry sticks her nose in, a ship lands, Clark tantrums and the Fortress of Solitude is about to appear. This seemed like a mash up of previously discarded ideas. Why does everyone evidently dislike Lex?

Then came a ’Millennium’ ep ’Thirteen Years Later’ in which KISS make a special appearance and 'Scream' is ripped off. 13 years after Frank Black solved a serial killer case, Hollywood is making a tacky film about the case. This was ’comedy’ about a really bad movie. Frank Black’s growly voice is parodied, the ’director’ wears manwhore attire, Frank Black can’t appreciate horror movies, plaid is worn and there is a ‘Motel Hell’ shoutout. This had some inspiration at first but descends into a musical montage and the satire of the vanitisation of Hollywood becomes all insignificant swaggering smug seediness, idiocy and misanthropy.

Best Lines:
“Madman Maniac.”

“I do nudity for scale.”

“How can you label this a true story?”
“It. Is. True.”

“Time to get naked and die.”

“Trying to drive me insane, for the third time in my life.”

“Extreme emotional displacement.”

“Some smug person.”

“Her frankly disgusting murder.”
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