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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘The Americans’ season 3 promo
Interesting. What’ll become of Paige? Elizabeth is in peril! Are they finally caught?

‘Preservation’ trailer
People go off-trail whilst hunting and they’re robbed. Looks over-acted as they wander around the woods.

Best Lines:
“Alcohol and firearms.”

“Them or him?”

‘Annie’ TV spot

‘Argo’ promo
Looks good.

Best Lines:
“They die badly.”

“Burn everything.”

‘The Flash vs. Arrow’ promo
Barry’s suit is ridic.

‘Marked’ promo
An inept hitman is foiled by Stephen Fry.

Best Line:
“90% of murders do not result in death.”

I won’t read ‘Low Midnight’.

I’d like to see that old BBC one off drama from 1992 ‘The Vampyr: A Soap Opera’.

There is such a thing as Siamese fighting fish?

Refreshers - yum.
Lychees - yum.
Tobacco choc - divine.

‘The Sunday Times’ Quotes:
“Gave Daniel Craig one in the arse.”

“Fiftysomething bankers in the throes of a midlife crisis would have to revert back to eloping to Dubai with the work experience.”

“Like watching two blokes having a mid-life in the Spread Eagle cark park.”

“A risk of gases from our decaying bodies building up and causing the coffins to explode.”

“You’re a horrible woman aren’t you?”

“A villa in Greece, turned out to be a disaster, a four-year epic, struggling with peacocks and rats.”

“There will be concubines, lots of concubines.”

“Over-crowded graveyards released “miasmas” of soul air from decaying bodies.”

“Aristocratic ladies out shopping in even the smartest addresses would stay in their carriages and make milliners and shop girls come out to serve them.”

“The Eastern luxury of a warm bath.”

“Gagging at the stench”

“Glutinous streets.”

“The fetid “rookery” of St Giles was ploughed through.”

“Is this another of yet mad fecking ideas?”

“You do not fit in our family.”

“A failed intellectual.”

“The smell didn’t go away for a long time because his body lay undiscovered for a week.”

“I had to learn botty-wiping.”

“Rat-infested water in our backyard.”

“Been chased down fields with slash-hooks.”

‘The Simpsons’ Quotes:
“I’ll eat your hair!”

“You call that a testicle kick?”

“Bow down to our corporate overlords.”

“Such neck confidence.”

“Yoko! Yoko! Yoko! Yoko!”

“What’s a game show?”

“The fear of hearing anything new.”

“Shut your mouth, I want to do it!”

“Guitars with fish inside.”

“I also promised I’d kick heroin.”

Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“I don’t have those things.”

“That’s a lie.”
“Is it?”

“You blame her for your life?”

“She has run your life in the ditch.”

“Road whore.”

“Paranoid delusions.”

“I don’t feel important to him.”

“Re-try me right there on the stage.”

“Never shut up the entire time.”

“I’d like to slap Amber to the floor.”

“All the glaring and staring.”
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