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The Flash 1x07 Reviewed

Power Outage
A guy struck by lighting 10 months ago is an electricity vampire or something. Wells talks to his computer Gideon. Barry is all frivolity until he loses his powers. Cisco fails to endear himself and always has his mouth open like he’s about to eat a whole trout headfirst. The miscreant of the week yells. Barry has to explain his fetish wear as being for a cosplay party. Joe has no moral authority and Iris needs to be self-critical. The Clock King aka Tockman is in Central City for some reason. The future changes and Wells yells.

The electricity vampire saunters into STAR labs with his OTT guyliner on display. He blames Wells for his state and is generally disparaging. Wells uses school bully all grown up Tony as a distraction. Wells has inexhaustible depths to plumb. Eddie is shot. Tony dies from a whomping. Wells has verbiage. Barry negates Snow’s agency and does a rough takedown. Barry also expresses disgust at Wells’ act. But gets over it. You’re waiting for what’s going to happen when Barry realises who Wells is. Iris is uptight, perpetually dense and whiny. Creepy Wells only wears black and plots some more. This was good.

Best Lines:
“His penchant for the heroic persists.”

“His face is melted off.”

“Now, you show up.”

“The future remains intact.”

“One vegetarian take out meal.”

“I chose us.”

“He choked on you.”

“He is on pain meds. Lots of them.”

“I believe in a better future. One that I very much want to see. One that you are a part of.”
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