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Book Reviews: Sherlock Holmes The Impossible Cases, part 2 + Cthulhu Lives!, part 1

Sherlock Holmes The Impossible Cases by Daniel McGachey, part 2

The Adventure of the Voice In The Smoke
Holmes and Watson attend a séance and after a tale from the sweetly self-deprecating and excruciatingly vulnerable medium, they go off on a hunt for a pernicious, guileless murderer. This was mediocre.

Best Lines:
“No-one need ever know the shame of it!”

“Your reputation will die with you.”

“Posthumous ignominy for our efforts.”

“Unusually conscientious poachers.”

The Adventure of the Red Barrow Horror
The excavation of a Barrow causes death and recurrent grievances. Very good.

Best Line:
“All of them dead since long before the birth of Christ.”

The Adventure of the Pallid Mask
Holmes is tasked to find a stolen copy of ‘The King In Yellow’ play. This was okay with a twist.

Best Lines:
“Queer foreign words that I didn’t much like the sound of.”

“Would you describe him as ‘wonderfully pale and aesthetic’?”

Cthulhu Lives! edited by Salome Jones, part 1
The truth is indeed out there - and it hungers.

Universal Constants
Meddling scientists cause infinitesimal damage. Okay.

Best Lines:
“A dead universe, filled with nothing but hydrogen.”

“They were always there, always. Waiting for us. In the dark.

A Victorian AU in which unfathomable changes have taken place and the incontrovertible truth is there is no hope. Good.

A sequel to ‘The Haunter in the Dark’. An untrusting man has acute distrust but he’s made a fundamental misunderstanding. Good.

In student accommodation, James finds something behind the wallpaper. Excellent.

Best Line:
“If it reads as here, run like hell. And if it reads here, then you’re in the core at Sellafield, and your troubles are over.”
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