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Agents of SHIELD 2x08 + Person Of Interest 3x01 + Stalker 1x05 Reviewed

The Things We Bury
There are more WWII flashbacks during which see ‘Whitehall‘ menacing a woman (Dichen Lachman). May is a diva brat. Skye is grumpy and stompy. Mockingbird interrogates the captured Hydra agent. Coulson and Tripp are pasteurised homogeneity. Simmons makes sorority arms, sparrow face, and causal walking poses in lieu of actually doing anything. Hunter is all mono-faced, foppish, tetchiness preening - what happened to his steely intensity? Christian Ward (Tim DeKay and his bad acting) is all arrogantly dismissive misfeasance until Grant shows up. Fitz has no integrity or scope.

The season 2 arc has to do with Kree and Inhumans, maybe. Where is the other Ward brother? Grant doesn’t seem to care about him. By what right do SHIELD throw people in cells the size of cubby-hole toilets for life? SHIELD does more legally dubious crap. Whitehall has grimness and SHIELD do purgatorial, sad, dark and disturbing stuff. Mockingbird did bad stuff to get into Hydra. Mockingbird is emotionally punishing and thoroughly horrible. The captured Hydra agent is wan. Mockingbird is all unremittingly mindless bravado with added rage and bile. Christian is all atrocious, guttural, vicious, irresponsibility and opportunistically resolute gruff.

Farcical Coulson’s bombastic plan is a long form slog. The Doctor has gnarled resentment. Grant isn’t on a redemptive quest after all. Coulson is impervious to logic. The Doctor is aggrieved and histrionic. There are revelations and Grant takes an incredibly creepy revenge. Mockingbird and Hunter are fraught and pruriently boring. This episode was all queasy grit with added Peggy Carter.

Best Lines:
“Red Skull has fallen.”

“Agent Carter herself.”

“Put her in a cage.”

“We’re politically toxic.”

“A world it no longer understands.”

“If it starts to leak any fluids: drop it, run.”

“Not the only vault.”

“You’re twirling.”

“Blue angels.”

“Enjoying what?”

“You burnt down that damn house.”

“Do you sleep better telling yourself that?”

“Sorting paperwork. The life none of us choose.”

“When I leave, no one else will come.”

“We’re out of dirt.”

“You made me push Thomas down the well.”

“You search for lies.”

Carter is in uniform and researching. Elias the rubbish gangster is plotting. Fusco wears a fake beard. Navy men are in peril from a menacing force recon marine (Max Martini). The mildly socially dysfunctional types must save the day. Root aka Robin is in a nuthouse, it’s all fake conceit. TPTB push the Carter/Reese ship. Reese is ponderous. Angry fanny music plays in a grimy clip joint.

There is scorn, malevolence and Root is disingenuously incalculable. Finch oversees righteous deeds. The tuberculosis chic Shaw has modern malaise. This episode had no emotional content and is inauspicious. Elias plays intellectual mind games. The POI of the week is a lethargic lug. Carter has incongruous defensiveness and expropriates trouble. Root esteem busts her useless shrink who is no locus of control. I saw Finch/Reese subtext in this.

Best Lines:
“Without quite so much violence.”

“The annual deluge of drunken sailors that somehow does not qualify as a military attack.”

“Booze, broads and a tattoo.”

“Your sense of shame?”

“A tube steak.”

“I introduce his face to the bar.”

“Flashing his junk in the park, again.”

“I’ve been shot, a lot.”

“Your first boilermaker.”

The Haunting
Beth has changed her name and has a dark past and there is someone locked up in a nuthouse she is afraid of. Meanwhile two idiots live in a ‘haunted’ house; someone plays at magic and the movie ‘Hider In The House’ is ripped off. Jack’s ex continues to be a bitch for no reason. What did he do in NY? College boys are dumb, Beth’s stalker stalks and this was decent.

Best Lines:
“Saloon hooker? You just want to be slutty.”

“I don’t want to be that girl.”

“My threat is real.”

“For you it will never be nice to see me.”

“Liquor logic.”
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