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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘The Interview’ trailer
Seth Rogen and James Franco go to North Korea to carry out as assassination. There are bad taste jokes, Katy Perry music and tank driving.

‘Reign’ 2x10 trailer
Looks okay.

Best Lines:
“What is needed now is a King to be feared. By God, I will give them one.”

Anyone recall the 2005 BBC miniseries ‘Archangel’ starring Daniel Craig?

They’ve made a TV show based on ‘The Librarian' movies? No thanks.

I am reading ‘Cthulhu Lives!”.

I think I’m done with the ‘Kris Longknife’ series.

Pepper Mayo - ok.
Steak - yum.
Chocolate Mint Thins - ok.

‘Spike Miligan’ Quote:
“Ah, the little grovelling bastard.”

‘The Simpsons’ Quotes:
“Wiggle in.”

“Your arcana will lie dormant until the 31st century.”

“He’s still at large, in my heart.”

“This is the only legacy you’ll ever leave.”

“That could be anyone’s ooze.”

“Even God hates jazz.”

“Remember when this country didn’t suck? Cos I don’t.”

“I don’t know. You die?”

“My ears are burning.”
“Not yet, but they will be!”

“Do it quietly and blame the dog.”

“That’s inexcusable!”

“You’re incredibly stupid.”

“Maybe they’re evil and deserve it.”

“Adding extra noises for no reason.”

“How did a mere boy destroy the future?”

“Never throw meaningless crap in a time capsule.”

“A work farm for the weak.”

“The slave labour camps at Universal Studios.”

“Stuck in a terrible past.”

“To the track!”

“February has no 23rd!”

“Motherly love, why did we outlaw that?”

“I shall stay here for the decadence.”

“That’s a first for you Bart.”

“Lie detected!”

“Have fun turning to dust.”

“What happened to the handsome man I married?”
“I ate him!”

‘The Sunday Telegraph’ Quotes:
“What can I say about a man who tried to murder me?”

“How could his app have failed him so miserably?”

“Just a bit sad that my carpet had been ruined.”

“Northerners die of ignorance and chips.”

“We are summoning the demon.”

Sinister’ Quotes:
“I was going to have to write college text books to pay for that old house.”

“We didn’t move in a few houses down from a crime scene again, did we?”

“Always lock dad’s office.”

“If this goes sour like last time.”

“I’m not some local moron.”

“Snakes don’t have feet.”

“A map with pictures connected with yarn.”

“Why spend so much time investigating such grisly content?”
“Fame and money.”

“Those responsible were never even identified, let alone caught.”

“It didn’t happen here?”
“No! It happened in the backyard.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“What have you been up to?

“I watched with several mocking flatmates as my drunken walk down the road was re-enacted by someone who bore no resemblance to me.”

“A member of a devil-worshiping clan.”

“Hear his anguished howls under cross-examination.”

“A tin can on a tobacco stick.”

“Take you to Easterhouse and fight you for 12 quid.”

“Smelly millionairesses, executives on the game.”

“Black Cabs - Bitter but not Actively Criminal.”

“Comfortably roguish.”

“The fragile concept of masculinity.”

“You resemble the Cheryl Fernandez-Versini waxwork after a devastating fire at Madame Tussards.”

“You can also tell yourself semi-sincerely that there is a nobility to it all.”

“Nothing more to give from my own deep reserves of mardiness.”

“My cat, distressed by the move, chose this time to start urinating on my duvet, while I was under it.”

“Weird salt-less Florentine bread.”

“Female sexual energy must be suppressed at all costs!”

“His name quickly became pop-cultural shorthand for humiliating celebrity failure and he has been taunted and ridiculed by the press ever since.

“No matter what he did after that, the media made him look like a bitter angry loser.”

““I mustn’t appear bitter,” he says, rather bitterly.”

“His calamitous public image.”

“Making its subject sound humourless, arrogant, hubristic and resentful, isolated in the toxic fog of his perpetual huff about the unacceptable priorities of a primetime entertainment show.”

“For his own sake, I wish he could.”

“He is so heartbreakingly delusional.”

“A complete imbecile. He is a complete imbecile.”

“Irrelevant, musically irrelevant.”

“Sadistic section headings.”

“A stranger shouting into her phone...her plan to move jobs, her plan to steal a client list, and her wish that she’d snogged her boss.”

Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Product of animosity.”

“A horrible father. Horrible.”

“I hate his guts.”

“Mummy, stop being a bitch.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Teegan is a bastion of entitlement and simmers with hostility. So Ziggy cedes to sense and ditches her. Joe realises Freddie has murdered, yet again. Myra has a dingy breakdown over dear little Mercedes. Ste bids for gravitas and fails. Lucas and Leah wonder about daddy Doug as they get yet another new daddy and are bewildered.


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