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Book Reviews: The Devil's Promise + Sherlock Holmes The Impossible Cases, part 1

The Devil’s Promise by David Stuart Davies
From the author of ‘The Veiled Detective’ comes this deeply disappointing tale of satanism. Holmes and Watson go on holiday, encounter a village of weirdoes and Watson ends up with amnesia and Holmes has changed. The traumatised Watson sets out to uncover the truth and this comes to an inventible bizarre downer ending. This was horrendously stupid despite a good start. I dissuade you from reading it.

Best Lines:
“This foul farrago.”

“We have our methods of persuasion. Besides, we also have Doctor Watson.”

“What foul coercion had they imposed on him?”

“Long after you and I are but grains of dust in some rotting graveyard, this beach, that sky and those waves will still be there.”

Sherlock Holmes The Impossible Cases by Daniel McGachey, part 1
A collection of supernaturally tinged Holmes stories.

The Adventure of The Unknown Worm
Holmes and Watson investigate the case of a madman and a worm unknown to science. They unwittingly strip away a façade concealing eldritch doings. This was okay but why do the duo drink coffee and use occasional modern vernacular?

Best Line:
“Not a soul lives there now, or has done in centuries.”
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